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You would be amazed at how many guys come up short in the bedroom department. I am not talking about length nor girth but consistent stroke game. Especially in North America where people chase the almighty dollar, time is precious. Lizards have been galvanised in the workplace and they are in as much need of stress relief as the men. I met a lizard for a date some months back. Her bottom was rounder than I anticipated; my eyes nearly popped out of my skull as I tailed her back to her car in the parking lot after the date. I kissed her goodnight and her lips were unnaturally soft. Cut a long story short, on our second date, I had her over and one thing lead to another and I was giving her the pipe in my squalid digs. We became regular and she conceded that her ex often couldn’t get it up. She was delighted that our smash sessions were consistent (no wilting wood on my side) and orgasm achieving for her. I often giggled like an immature brat in Toyland when I turned her around to hit it from the back.






I didn’t actually get into the greens for sexual performance. If life was football (soccer for Americans) or basketball then I consider myself in extra time or fourth quarter respectively. I need to be the best I can be mentally and physically. I can’t afford to be mentally or physically tired at this stage of the game. Every day has to be 80 percent or higher in terms of productivity. In terms of natural supplements, I’ve tried them all. Ginseng (many forms from American, Korean to straight Chinese), Red bull and other assortments of energy drinks, Jamaican herbs and Dominican man drinks.

I’ve also tried a variety of supplements, vitamins and essential minerals but not anabolic steroids. I strongly believe that every race has herbs that are synergistic with their genes and although I am open minded, I feel that too many black men are slipping when it comes to beauty of the herbs that originate or are grown from African origin. West Indians pride themselves on knocking the lining out of the poosy; a Trinidadian friend of mine shared some herbs that helped them keep a lizard hooked on the cock hypnotic. Sexual performance and physical health in man are inextricably linked. As a man’s vitality drops, the body will shut down certain functions in favour of keeping the body going. For example if your car was synergistic, upon encountering a problem, the AC or heater may stop working in order for the car to continue to power your engine. With men, if something is amiss, some men may find their willie’s malfunctioning.

My reason on knuckling down on my nutrition game was a point that I physically remember during the long dark months of winter in England. I remember one soggy February when I was in the gym changing room getting changed to workout. I took my top off and noticed that my abs had disappeared and I noticed a bit of sagging in the gut area. British people are never shy about jabbing you and highlighting any flaws you have and a mate of mine, who was also my workout buddy, was no slacker in pointing out where I was slipping. Never having been a fat boy in my life, this was time to take action.
Ginseng wasn’t cutting it in general and I needed more and more tea just to stay awake. West African and West Indian food was winning and my aesthetic physique was now losing.
That’s when I switched up my diet. I had to cut out sugar, wheat, yeast and dairy products. I could only use pure rice milk with my breakfast which now had to consist of oats. I had to cook my meals as I realise that most prepared food that one orders, even if obtained from a health food establishment, will have these forbidden elements added with even the chefs themselves unaware of these additions. My food preparation regimen became clinical. I began to boil brown rice, cook and season my own chicken, beef and goat with spices and herbs that I bought. I lived in one of the largest Jamaican communities in Britain and herbs were on my fingertips. I used to go to a local market and buy fresh curry, paprika, thyme and then get my meat from the butcher in the market. I wasn’t supposed to add salt to my food. Food items have natural salt already in them, the additional salt that we add is more of for personal taste thing than a necessity.
Fast forward 10 years later and although I largely adhere to the principles learned from my last fat attack, there is an urgent need for clarity in the mind and the body.


I’ve taken to making a sickening looking sort of green gumbo as of recent. From a palatable standpoint, it doesn’t meet any Western standards (es muy amargo) but physically it’s been going very well. I can fight through days fairly comfortable with little sleep the night before. Sometimes the previous night only sums up to four hours in total. My mental clarity is fairly optimal as my 9 to 5 is demanding on my emotional resolves as well as my ability to process information. In the past, when I used to skip sleep like that, I would wind down feeling a bit under the weather after a few days following the same pattern with a sore throat beginning to form. When I have had a rough night, considerable drinking and being up until 3am in the morning with a 6am rise time for work the following day, I may just make a double green swill and chug it then or during the day. The amazing thing is with this, I can actually fight through a workday without the need for coffee on little sleep (which was impossible prior to my endeavours with this green liquid monster).

Intimately, there has been pleasant surprises. I hit one lizard for a back to back (I have never been good at an immediate re-up without at least 8 hours of sleep between shags). Last lizard I dumped a load on was able to discern my high green intake..she could smell the spinach, aloe vera and ginger from the discharge that I deposited in the small of her back.



Better mental focus: My work requires my mind to be sharp and this has helped me be quicker on my toes

Hangover recovery: I’ve never had a problem with hangovers *touch wood* and I’ve taken some really strong island rum straight with no mixture on multiple occasions. My strongest to date was 86 percent which was actually not legally sold in the country that I resided in. You could probably run your car on this liquor. However, with this liquid green monster, I experience zero side effects after drinking like this. I can wake up the next morning after going HAM and go straight to the gym for a vigorous workout session.

Getup and go: I tend to slack off a bit in the morning but with this, once I’m up, I’m good to go whereas before I would tend to feel groggy and lethargic especially if I didn’t sleep well the previous night or I wake up to an overcast day/morning.

Workouts: I have less soreness with working out and I have noticed a drastic improvement with my cardio (jogging either on treadmill or in park).

Sexually: I can hit a lizard on call. Either due to having servicing one of the harem members or just lazily tugging one out to new porn, I may be surprised by one of the lizards in the wing needing a fix.

I get the text late night while I am unwinding after a tedious week.

“Hey Moma, what are you doing right now?”

Me: “Nothing much.”

Then she comes over. If this happens, there has been times when it has been difficult for me to reload my chambers. I pull it off but I am just thrusting listlessly against her walls and I don’t feel like I enjoyed that session as much as should be.

I remember inviting a reptile over to my place not too long in the past, before my relationship with the liquid green monster. During that time I had been trying a new supplement that was supposedly good for a really laidback mindstate. I felt mentally calm on the supplement and physically at ease but I was in for a surprise. The lazy heifer wanted me to cook on condition that I came around. I ordered a meal, she came over. I glanced at her full breasts and fully round buttocks as we dined and my Senator shamelessly came to the forefront. We ate and then I lunged for her feminine parts. We went to the room and then I found the Senator suddenly fizzled out. Later on after some mental gymnastics and so forth, I was able to bring the Senator back to the podium to hit the lizard from the back but it wasn’t a great performance. I finally bust with a strangled lupine/feline yowl and that was that.

I contacted the vendor of the supplement afterwards and asked him if the supplement was known to cause impotency or wilting willie in males. He said it was reported to do so with some men but he had experienced no personal problems with it. Marketing spiel. I stopped taking it, I don’t like to mess with the willie. As Rudebwoy said, no point having a powerful body if you bring a feeble water pistol to the fray with you. It’s actually worse doing that than if you had a paltry physique.

Now in current times, now that I have a steady relationship with the green monster, when my lizards come over, whether existing or new prospects trying out for the team, I whip out the Senator and he is always ready to salute.

Powered by the green monster






Most impressive is, I can completely coat a face on call EVERY time (see below). And it’s good for the lizard’s epidermal and emotional well being.




This elixir is serious and not for the fainthearted.

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