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Game in 2017 – Location, Timing and Energy

Caribbean men are the best on the planet at game.

Jamaican man scores the closer
West Indies taking the Gold

I had a discussion with Rudebwoy on one of our podcasts regarding game. I grew up in a West Indian (Caribbean) community and from my observation, I feel that the West Indians edge the competition. We spoke of one of his compadres who was a middle aged West Indian man with a turbo engine when it comes to game. This individual had slain many different lizards in his wake and has a very diversified portfolio. What set this guy apart? It was his energy. One of the problems that cause people to slack off in game is an inability to sustain the energy to be there at the end. Game can be a bit of a tortoise act as opposed to a hare. Often, game is just about being present. If you are there at the right time, you will end up sexing with just a little game or indeed none.

Location and timing are huge but great location can make more times coincide with yours.

Here is a personal example of how location works.

Fox with bulging eyes
Eyes bulging at the presence of lizards everywhere!

I remember when I rinsed this blonde on the virtue of being present and male. I was in a club that wasn’t to my liking with one of my friends. He loved places like this and his eyes bulged like a fox in a henhouse at all the prospects about.



I was really a wingman for his outing. I didn’t enjoy the music of the club nor the type of clientelle. A cheesy cliched bunch. To each their own but it was not to mine. The blonde was a layup. I was walking listlessly through the club when I saw her dancing against a guy on the wall but the signs were there. Her eyes were racing. She saw me and I looked at her, bearing a languid expression on my face.

Later that night, I saw her again in another location. She looked at me, the look one gives when they feel you are following them.

“Are you ready to go?” she suddenly asked me. I gave her the once over, checking to see if it was a ruse and if she was some horror in the light. But no, she totally passed the boner test. Nice pretty eyes, face, big tits, the works.

“Yes,” I said. “Let me just tell my friend that I’m off since he gave me a ride and he will be looking for me.”

“What?!” said the blonde, a slight tone of derision in her voice. “You guys tell each other everything?”

I ignored her and spotted my friend who was swirling around in the club. “Bro, I’m off with this lizard,” I said.

“Dude what?!” said my friend in surprise and I swear his eyes were about to fall onto the dance floor and get squished by a two stepping patron.

“Yup,” I said and I left with the blonde. We hopped in a taxi and got back to her place. We were in the clubbing district and her apartment was ideally situated close to there; I can only imagine she was a student.

Once I entered her place, I shortly entered her ‘other place’ and stuffed her good and proper starting in the living room and finishing her off in the bedroom. I left her sleeping peacefully in the latter hours of the morning, around 8am and caught the morning bus back home.

Man Smiling on Bus
Chuffed going back home


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