A lot of guys decide to date interracially due to the problems they experience with intraracial dating. For those who don’t know, intraracial dating is when you date someone from your racial group i.e. blacks dating other blacks, asian dating other asians, whites dating other whites. To the outsider, it would seem that simple but outsiders don’t realise that there is great diversity even with a racial group. For example, a white American will have very little in common with a white Russian besides skin tone. This intraracial diversity will be distilled in a later blog post and/or podcast.

These problems experienced spawn from societal issues, laziness and assumptions. Societal issues are usually outside of one’s control and take longer to change for the better but the latter two can be controlled. In interracial dating, both parties put their best foot forward as they actually feel as if they are learning about each other for the first time. If you have ever taken a course for the first time, a course that you want to pass, you usually come to class with all your writing materials, you are well hydrated and mentally tuned into understanding the material. You will sit at a place in the classroom where you can hear the teacher very well and stay within their sight line so you can ask questions you are unsure about.

The interracial daters don’t have any negative existing notions in place and will often bring a determination to make it work to buck against societal expectations, especially when it comes to black and white couplings. Western society expects black and white couple relationships to have a short life, being born largely out of curiosity and some form of interest in exotic sex. They see it as a rebel stage such as the college brat who got drunk every night during his/her freshman year and wake up on a heap of drunken smelly dormant students with a paper funnel partially stuck up his/her arse. Society doesn’t expect such curiosities to last long and for the relationship to fizzle out shortly. When this happens, the parties will have to move onto fresh prey.
So now the onus is for the interracial couple to beat the odds and make it work. This means they must tread cautiously and treat every situation with more care so as not to be a statistic. They are already aware of these negative societal expectations as they go into the relationship so they actually go into the situation with a pragmatic view instead of an idyllic, fanciful mindset.

With black/white couplings, many have decided to engage in this after failures with intraracial dating. They make personal resolutions that enough is enough and they ‘relax’ their expectations to allow other races (and themselves) to get a shot at glory. Some of the mindsets behind this ‘open-mindedness’ can be flawed but we will expand on that on a later blog/podcast.

For those who don’t wish to go down the interracial road in pursuit of happiness, here is the hack. You must go for an intercultural relationship. It helps immensely if you live in a metropolis as opposed to some homogenous town where everyone from there grew up from the same ethnic group and so on forth.


A lot of black guys in America write off ALL black lizards because they are tired of the same attitude and the hypergamy behaviour. However, this attitude is not a black attitude but actually a Western attitude. It exists in all lizards growing up in the West irrespective of ethnic grouping. It is more exaggerated in some groups than others but it is by no means dormant on the whole. For example, a black lizard from a cooperative country may be more accomodating than a Chinese American lizard! We all know that Chinese lizards are supposed to be submissive to their men but some of these Asian Americans got more spunk than a female MMA fighter on bootleg testosterone!

She may whup your arse


I suggest to these black guys who have written off black lizards – try other forms of black. Try black lizards from the Caribbean. Try black lizards from Africa or Latin America. The three regions I have listed combined have about a billion blacks in total to choose from. The 50 million blacks in the United States in comparison is like trying to offset a 10,000 dollar bill with 5 bucks. It won’t even cover taxes. I am basically saying, don’t limit yourself to black American lizards if you find that they are not acting right as a group. With such a large sample of black, you are doing yourself a huge disservice to write off an entire ethnic group based on the behaviour of a tiny subset of that particular group.

You can have this and a serene experience

Being able to maintain relationships with these alternate black lizards will require some adjustment from the guy’s side. You cannot go in expecting king treatment when your behaviour is that of a peasant. Often lizards from these cultures will clean and cook without you asking but will not raise a finger to pay for anything when you go out shopping etc. I can deal with this exchange.

Here is a personal example of my encounter with a traditional lizard. I was poking a half Botswanian, half South African lizard at a point in time. Her body was crazy and she had a thing for Naija guys. I had met her at a concert performed by a well known Nigerian artist. She actually came up to my car after I emerged from the concert. She had done a double take upon seeing me emerge from the venue after the show was over. I noticed her look of surprise and thought it was some attention seeking gesture so I kept it moving. She had shortly approached the car just as we were ready to pull off and brazenly requested my number. I shot an appraising glance at her waist to hip ratio, did the math and immediately divied up my digits for this lizard.

When I got to her place four days later, she cooked for me. She didn’t not allow me to eat any junk food, etc. She was a great cook and her place was clean and organised. When we did go out to eat, her hands never came out of her pocket holding money to support the bill. As I said, I can deal with those odds. When I claimed my rewards by hitting that doggy style, cowgirl and missionary, that ass had me crying tears of joy. I could actually feel that South African ass spewing around the front even though I was hitting her from the front! Afro genetics are something else. As a bonus, she could also speak Xhosa which is a clicking African language which is a bit of a turn on for me. I felt very happy!

She gave me joy