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Month: February 2017

Miami Playboy discusses his world tour exploits Part 1

Join us again with a Miami playboy by the name of Nomad who has toured the world and had sex…

How to get laid as a Black Man in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

This episode deals with my travels to the Dominican Republic via Santo Domingo. It covers dos and donts and relays…

Valentine’s Day Special Part 2 – helping young playas get 30 new lizards a year (part 2)

In this episode, we continue on from the first Valentine’s podcast with our special guest West Indian Archie, where we…

Valentine’s Day Special – Correcting mistakes young guys are making in the game (Part 1)

In this episode, we get specific on game strategies with our special perennial guest, West Indian Archie. Together we determine…

Why Men Should Hunt or Farm the Woman For Sex

Playas get their lizards in different styles which can be defined as hunters vs farmers. Farmers are more of the…

Escaping the matrix – Black American man in Brazil

Tune in as we speak to a black American male who was tired of dealing with lizards in North America….

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