Playas get their lizards in different styles which can be defined as hunters vs farmers. Farmers are more of the planning type of player, the type that gathers and plants his seed, allowing it to mature at a later date.

I would like to say that farmers work different fields. They spit game at the laundromat, the bank, the supermarket anywhere and just mine data, allowing the best or most favourable seed to mature to fruition.

Farmers can eat well

Hunters, on the other hand pounce immediately, often when hungry horny and are looking to take down the prey that same evening or within that same time frame. Hunters will incur more one night stands and have little patience for waiting a lizard out.

A good playa will be a composite of the two types. There are certain markets and times when one needs to be more cutthroat about their takedown and it’s time inefficient to try to harbour certain crop. Certain lizards have to be poked and released, the longer you harbour them, the worse it is for your personal disposition unless you are a sado masochist.

On the contrary, not every situation is optimal to chop down a lizard for that same night lay. I haven’t heard of a same night lay from the bank or a supermarket since a lizard doesn’t go to the bank looking to go home with a stranger although it’s not impossible to occur. The likelihood is much higher for that to occur in a night club or a bar. A hunter may blow leads there and the farmer mindset would enable one to harvest leads so that they can mature while the hunter is at home catching up on other things.
To be honest, some hunters often frequent the night scene area and sneer at the option of waiting. To each their own and I can definitely see where they are coming from. I just think that from a holistic standpoint, it’s good to have a mastery over both fields.

Female on Top
She would sneer if you waited too long








Although I have engaged my hunter ability and chopped a lizard down on the same night in the past, my personal constitution is that of a farmer, leaning towards allowing the crop to mature before pouncing. My personal reasoning is due to overthinking the situation. Too often, I go to the club and by the time I am ready to go home, I am tired and have no energy for last minute shennanigans. It’s essential for me in this sense to actually boost up energy wise, either by hitting an expresso before going out so that I am at optimal production. The more energy I have, the more nimble my tongue is and the more likely I am going to be able to seduce the lizard into coming back to my digs where I can wedge my tumescent messenger inside of her honeypot. The aim of the hunter is to pique her sexually. If he is able to get her to the maximum sexual peak (where she is ready to have sex) within the time frame he spends with her, he is doing what he is supposed to do.

I need to be more of a hunter and less of a farmer although I do eat handsomely as a farmer. My latest excursion involved me pulling down a lizard that was tipsy. I walked her to her car and tried to go home with her but she had numerous little slashes on her right forearm that put me off. I suspected her of being a cutter. She was also at the club alone, claiming she was new in town. I tried to push for a kiss in the parking lot but she said that was too intimate. I have wondered why lizards are happy to blow Mr Happy and get poked thoroughly yet shy away from the ‘intimacy’ of a kiss. I have seen her naked yet we are not close enough to kiss. Works for me while I am in the field, however.

So what type of playa are you? Hunter or farmer?

Best lizard bums
Doesn’t matter whether you hunt or farm, take one home