Join us again with a Miami playboy by the name of Nomad who has toured the world and had sex with more models than he can even remember!

Hot lizard in bikini
Women like this in Miami are a dime a dozen

He breaks down strategies on how to reap from one of the sexiest cities in North America, Miami. Nomad has done Europe, Poland, Estonia and one of the major Latin American countries, Brazil, which is arguably the true paradise for men. Join us in gaining clarity on one of the biggest sexual myths about Brazilian lizards. No holds barred, he gives the breakdown on the strategies to travel and win with the local lizards!

Hot Brasilian lizard
Lizards like this in Brasil are a dime times two bakers dozens

Too big and bloated to fit into one slot, we had to space it out for the sake of your listening palate.

Hot reptile from Estonia
Abundance of these are available to the traveller

Here is Part 2: