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How to Pin Down Pin Up Girls



Crack the Group

For most guys this is how they meet girls.
We can include social media in this group which is still meeting girls through cyber space.
Like any trend, online dating has gone through its ups and downs. Many guys today complain about the quality of girls they are meeting online, for a man of colour the options are even less.
I detest online dating because the options are low and the type of girls I like, aren’t online. I am not into single moms, average looking girls with attitude or fat black chicks.

This is what you are promised online

I have used online for when I travel, it has been a great tool to make friends in a place I plan on visiting. Again, I use it as a backup not as my main tool.
Once you get to your destination, you still have to work and close the deal with any chick.

One platform I do like is Instagram or IG for short.
It is a pictures based platform and you can showcase your “lifestyle”, whether you are a foodie, gym freak, fashionista or whatever group you are trying to target.
I have used it as a tool to showcase my travelling, fashion and photography which I am very much into.
Many girls have commented on my pictures and some have sent DMs asking questions.
Currently, I am talking to a 22 year old Hungarian girl who is planning to visit me this summer from Europe. She is paying her own ticket and I will host her.

I will wholeheartedly host all 22 years of her

I also add girls I am talking to on IG, it is less personal than Facebook.
Girls who have been flaky with me in the past or girls I first meet and haven’t panned out right away, will see my IG posts and like. Some have actually commented directly on something I have posted in person, I had one bartender comment that “I wear $500 shoes”. The bartender has kids, so I didn’t put any effort into gaming her.

Online game has its uses, but it is primarily a back up tool to more aggressive forms of meeting girls.




This is the most organic way to meet girls today.
For most guys they either work or go to school, so your time is limited during the day.
I am a contract worker, so I have time off right now to write this article and to hang out in Starbucks.
Girls love Starbucks, paying for overpriced fancy coffee is appealing to women. Many girls love to hang out at Starbucks and “study” for hours on end.
The great thing about Starbucks is that they will have long tables where people will sit down and do their work. Often girls will ask you to watch their PCs when they go to the washroom. This can be a great opportunity to open them and do your magic.
I have met quite a few gals of late at Starbucks, which is a better conversion than night game.

The great thing about daygame is that girls have their guards down and you can see what they look like in the daylight.

Other places you can daygame are the mall and the gym.

Currently, I head to an upscale mall usually on a Friday afternoon. It is packed with young girls, who are usually there to pick up something for the weekend or window shop.
In this mall, there is a Saks 5th Ave department store. Downstairs they have a expensive supermarket, think Whole Foods. I will hit this spot up, grab a coffee and check out the cute store clerks or mature chicks buying their groceries.

I usually don’t hit the gyms in the afternoon, I know for a fact that strippers generally work out in the afternoon.




This is probably the easiest out of the three to find girls and convert to a same night lay.
Girls that go out at night are looking for attention or dick.
Rule of thumb, attack the group of girls in pairs. Don’t bother the groups of girls that are in a pack.
Ideally you want a solid wingman, someone that knows the game and will take one for the team if need be. Finding a solid wingman can be as hard as finding a decent girl.
A true hunter can game alone, most guys are afraid to go out alone. They are too worried about how they will be perceived, if you are that guy then stay home and swipe on Tinder or OKcupid.

My energy levels aren’t always high and I am a older guy, so I don’t night game as much as before. If you are not in the right state of mind, then don’t waste your time going out.
I have a solid wingman, he has more energy than any guy I know. He is also married with small children, so I don’t have any excuses and neither should you.
Going out with him will always be a fun night, he is a approach machine and will game into the early mornings.
Night game can be a course in itself.

My advice to you is to get out early, a lot of girls will head out early to get into clubs for free. Guys generally come out later, which creates an opportunity for you. I have seen girls leave clubs before midnight if there aren’t enough guys they like.

Another skill you should learn, is to try and spot girls that aren’t local. I know this is not always easy. My city has quite a few girls that come into town for the weekend from far away places. They come to party in the “Big City” for the weekend and are looking for fun.
They tend to stay at a AirBnB condo that is in a certain area of the city or they will stay in one of the chain hotels. I have camped out in one of these hotel lobbies and struck gold.

As Moma and I have discussed before, we are fans of approaching girls after the clubs on the street or in the parking lots. Ideally, you want to be the last guy she meets for the night. If she hasn’t had a good night you will see her on the phone, calling her dick on speed dial. Be that dick on speed dial if you can.

Guys that are good with girls, generally implement Nightgame, Daygame and Online game.
– Rudebwoy

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