I will not tell you the city in question, it is the largest city in Canada.
It is not the capital, although it has a capital feel to it.
It is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world.
This however only means that these different cultures hang in their own groups, they do not intermingle and create a happy kumbaya atmosphere.
The city has been a bastion of feminism for some time now.
I would like to say this is the reason why the city is so hard to game in, but it goes deeper than that. I am not sure what the root problem is.
It could be the lack of girls which I deem suitable for sexual relations.
Some say there is more men than women in the city, I am not sure if this is true. There are more thirsty men in the city, which is a recipe for disaster.
Women that are considered cute here, would be ugly in many places I have visited.
As a man, you have a biological need to spread your seed. Living in a repressive society which frowns upon masculinity works against your biology.
It is so bad, that old women up to age 60 can find younger partners even if only for a short period of time.
Some older women refuse to date men their age. Online dating sites cockblock men from dating girls much younger than them. I believe the powers that be put these blocks in place, to try and force men into marrying women of an older age. Some men fall for this ploy. I have many friends who actively date women over age 40.
 I have others try to set me up with these same women, with children.
 Even girls that are overweight, have a more active social life than your average healthy male (see below)
Man eater
She has almost any man she wants for sex in my city
Living in a tough city like this, has helped me improve my game. One has no choice. I am very selective, this attitude permeates in the air. I am very confident, women cannot help but inquire as to why. I work to improve on things within my control, my body, wardrobe, social skills etc.
 I know money is important, but sadly there are rich men in the city who get no love.
 I have hobbies that make me more interesting, after all women want to be around interesting men who know what they like and where they are going.
 I refuse to do online dating, that puts me at a dis-advantage. Online dating has completely ruined the market, the below average girl can find dick easier by using it.
Basic Gyal that gets a lot of male suitors
Conversely, the above average male cannot find an above average girl using the same tactic.
To fish in a tough ocean, you have to go where the fish are. Exclusive clubs, fancy shopping malls, Starbucks, fancy gyms (Lifetime, LA fitness), language classes etc.
 Travelling is a must, to keep me sane. Travelling helps you calibrate your brain, some places I have been I have received the red carpet treatment. This makes me realize that the problem isn’t me.
 Women love men that travel.
 I sometimes wonder if a baggage handler that travels a lot could out game a Doctor.
 I know girls with no value that have managed to get dates with Doctors and Lawyers.
 I like to showcase my “assets” or lifestyle on Instagram. I know many girls in my circle are actively watching my page, I have had girls make off handed remarks on something I have posted on Instagram.
The women watch me on Instagram
I don’t invest time in women anymore. I invest time in myself, creating the lifestyle I want.
 Women see this and respond accordingly. Many men make the mistake of trying to impress women, I show women I am not impressed by them. Gaming in the hardest city in the world, has made me a better man.
My inner game has improved and shows on the outside.
 I know I won’t remain here forever, a man can only handle so much abuse (RudeBwoy).