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How to increase the amount of girls you have sex with effortlessly

In the last article I wrote about how to use different strategies during the night, day and online.

For Night game you must act like you will not see the girl again, so that means to act now. Some girls only go out once in a while, so when you get a live one be sure to close as much as possible.
Ideally, you want an apartment that is close to the club. Of course, most guys don’t have that luxury.
Your second option, would be in the back seat of your car. I am not a car sex guy but for some reason, I have met many girls that were into it.
If you don’t have a car or a centrally located apartment, then take her number and hope for the best.
The reason why I recommend pushing the action the same night, is because by the time she sobers up the next day. She will be in a different state of mind. This could mean her thinking about her ex, her boyfriend, her job, her homework, her dying dog, her ill mom and you get the picture.
Girls that go out to party are in a state of mind to have fun, so show them fun.
One of my friends use to live in a luxury condo 5-7 minutes from the club scene, those were good times to say the least and my batting average was a lot higher.

The old rule of thumb for calling a girl when you get the number, was wait a day or two. In these times I almost think you have to call the next day, while you may be fresh in her mind.
If she doesn’t reply to your text, I would give her another text and move on if she doesn’t reply to that. Personally, I only send one text, I feel if she was interested she would have replied. However, girls are now programmed to not reply to the first text.

This is why I almost never ask for the number, I direct her to my IG and she can see I am not the average guy she meets on a day to day.
How many guys do you know that have gone mountain climbing in Iceland!!!
A few times I have bumped into the same girl again, the reception has been totally different.

Now she wants it

I also had a girl at my gym, not respond to my text after I got her number. What made it worst was she was the one eye fucking me for months. I completely ignored her for months afterwards and she desperately started talking to me. Again she peeped my IG and I noticed her posts seemed to mirror my posts, I didn’t add her as friend or follower. A mutual friend is following her on IG.

Again how you attack the situation is up to you. My colleague Moma likes to make 3 attempts in trying to contact a lizard, his reptile skin is thicker than mine.
There is no wrong or right way to do it, as long as you make the attempt.
I realize girls have other things going on with their lives and so should you.

If she does respond to your text, keep the interaction short and sweet. Long texts are a waste over the phone, texts are there to set up a date or booty call. The text should be how is your day, oh your mom is sick – hope she feels better. I will be in your area picking up something from a friend – do you have time for a quick drink?

I have used that approach a few times, it makes the girl know she is not your first option. That is a whole different psychology which requires another post later on.

When you get the girl on a date, I would keep it as informal as possible.
It is a get to know her session, which means something casual.

Do not try to impress her with a expensive dinner. Your not there to give her a free lunch or dinner, you are there to try to get to know her.

No first date dinners!

Do not go to a movie, you can watch Transformers or The Notebook part 2 on your own time. Your mindset should be your time is precious.

Drinks is the ideal way to go, alcohol will loosen her up and she will talk more. Whether you want to buy appetizers is up to you, if it is happy hour I might buy an appetizer. I believe Moma is against buying!

As I get older, I am trying to get my costs down when going on a date. Not because I am cheap but because most of these girls aren’t worth the time.

If after we have done the deed, I would be more than happy to buy her dinner.

I am not trying to wine/dine any chick, I did that a long time ago in my no game days.

I am also not a fan of buying girls a drink in the club, many girls go out without any money with the hopes of getting free drinks. I will let those chumps spend their money on bottle service, wasting their hard earn money on filling up those lizards with Grey Goose vodka. A few times my friends and I have tried to steal drinks and girls sitting in a bottle service booth.

Yeah, we are grimy like that.

– Rudebwoy

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