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“When Superman is on Krypton, he has no special powers. The bitches on Krypton have a choice of many Supermen. On planet earth, Superman has special powers and the bitches are impressed”

Late great Comedian Patrice O’Neal.

Black Superman
Superman only by contrast

I probably got the quote wrong, but hopefully you get the message.

Travelling to many countries was one of the greatest things that helped me boost my confidence, with women and my everyday dealings with people.

I have had the fortune to travel to some great countries where seeing hot women on a daily basis is not a big deal. Even talking to some of these women and finding out a lot of them are more down to earth, than the Plain Janes in the West who think they are Jennifer Aniston.

In some of these countries I have literally felt like Superman and I received a lot of attention due to my look. Please do not read into this as me being some male model, of that I am not.

On my first solo trip, I headed to the Greek Islands of Rhodes and Kos. This was over 20 years ago I was able to secure my only threesome with two Swiss chicks. They rushed me one night and asked if I was big George from London, it was a weak pickup by them but I was hardly insulted. They then said something about Snoop Dogg and how they liked MTV, after that it was a lay-up and a gift from the Greek gods.
The only other black guys I saw on the whole trip during the week I was there, were two US Navy guys who had the biggest grins on their faces.

I talked to many girls during that week, I wasn’t even trying to game them. It just came naturally, some girls were curious as to where I was from and what bought me all the way to the Greek islands.

I must have talked about that trip to my friends forever, of course I planned to go back and relive those great times. I never got back there and now the place doesn’t sound so appealing to me. Such is life.

Iceland is also a special place for me, I love the country and the nature there is incredible. I like to take pics, so it is a photographers dream to be able to visit and shoot the wonderful landscape.
They also have some nice looking women, in fact they have quite a few nice looking women, to say the least!

Icelander Women
These lizards will take the chill off of your will

It blows my mind that a country of barely 300,000 people probably has more hot women than my city of almost a million.
My first trip I was able to secure a SNL with a local girl, after the clubs closed at the end of the night. My logistics were super tight and close to the club, I simply grabbed her by her arm and lead her 300 metres to my spot.

On my second trip, I was in a bar jamming to the hip hop the DJ was spinning. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain up my ass, someone had stuck their finger up my ass. I felt a rush come over me as I thought I was going to have to knock some mofo out. To my surprise it was a tall blonde with a grin on her face, she said I was in her way to the washroom. I was nowhere near the washroom and I parked myself at the bar and waited for her to do her thing in the washroom.
I got distracted by 4 girls who were standing besides me and trying to get my attention by their dancing.
The place was simply unreal, how could such a place be so awesome.
Again I talked to so many girls on this 4 day trip to Iceland, at one point I seriously thought about moving there but the lack of a proper summer didn’t appeal to me. The winters aren’t as brutal as Canadian winters, go figure. Something to do with the Gulfstream air from the Caribbean.

After those trips, I always feel recharged and more determined to improve my life. I also believe I give off a vibe that I am content and less hungry.

When you have seen hotter girls, partied with hotter girls and been able to bed hotter girls with little effort, the girls I deal with back home become less impressive as the day goes by.
They are very attuned to this by your mannerisms and how you deal with them, in a take or leave it manner. I make it known very quickly that I have been to these countries. If she has a brain in her head, she will understand why I have been to Stockholm Sweden four times. It wasn’t for the food!

The downside of travelling is that it can be expensive and you always need a few weeks to get used to a place. I always recommend two weeks minimum if you can swing it, ideally a month in any place would be perfect. Some places can be done in less time, but you better move quickly and use tools like Tinder or online dating to find leads before you arrive.

Also, lets keep it real.

There are tons of horny men around the world and they are travelling more than ever to find younger and easier pussy. Italian men have been doing this for decades and now guys in the West are opening their eyes to what can be had overseas.

I wouldn’t let that deter you from not going, just to able to see loads of young feminine sexy women will make you glad you are a man with testosterone in your body.

For you guys in North America, there are a few cheaper options and places closer to home that you can explore. For me though the place has to be a lot cheaper to explore than going overseas, for example travelling to Vancouver from Toronto can cost me around $700 plus tax on the cheap side. I have to factor in a hotel or an Air BnB which is going to set me back on average $100 a night minimum, which quickly adds up to be pricey for a place that is still in Canada.

In comparison, my first trip to Iceland cost me $550 with taxes in and a centrally located pimped out pad ran me another $400 plus for four nights. Iceland isn’t cheap, just so you know and food, drinks, partying tends to be costly.
It is a once in a lifetime trip and girls back home always look at me a certain way when I mention I have been there. One black girl I was dating, even came out and asked me “what do I do that, that allows me to take such nice trips”.

As I mentioned before, these trips are documented on my Instagram account.

Travelling now has become a bit more affordable and like I said, more people seem to be travelling. North Americans tend to be expanding their wings and travelling further afield, the media here loves to paint foreign places as being dangerous. I find it hilarious, when you look at the murder rate in America but that is another story.

I cannot tell you where to travel to, I don’t know your tastes. Some people are comfortable with hostels and bad food, others like myself like nicer surroundings and decent food. I am there to enjoy myself, after all I spent good money to be there.

Personally, I tend to look for places that don’t always have direct flights from North America. I feel the harder the place is to get too, the more of an adventure it will be. Some PUA guys recommend heading to Tier B smaller cities and avoiding the big cities which tend to have big city attitudes from the females.
So instead of heading to Prague in the Czech Republic, like every other horny dude that has watched Czech pornstars on pornhub. Maybe check out Brno, Pilsen or Ostrava instead, I am sure not many foreign dudes are rolling through them spots.

During my time living in London, I dated a Czech girl that lived in a small village in the north of the country. She obviously had a thing for black guys and I was able to link her on Myspace.
To get to her village was quite a trek, but I took the plunge the first time despite my mates mocking me.
I continued that long distance relationship for over a year, when I wasn’t in the mood to travel there for the weekend. I simply paid 100 pounds for her ticket to come visit me in London.
It was a great experience dating her, I could go on and on about how she treated me and how great the sex was. I once asked her why she liked black guys, her response was that Czech men don’t have muscles like black men. I was the first black she had dated and she had been single for years.

Pretty Czech Lizard
She had been single for years before meeting me!!

No matter how much game advice you read or videos you watch on YouTube about gaming women, nothing beats real life experience, being able to travel to foreign lands and meeting young sexy attractive foreign women. Women that are keen to get to know you and happy that you have come to their country to enjoy all the wonderful fruits it has to offer.

Once you have done this, then you will simply laugh at the local girl who flakes on you.

Book a trip today!

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