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Black Testosterone levels are Through The Roof!

These past two weeks in the news, two big YouTube stars became seriously ill and one has sadly passed away.

CT Fletcher is a former powerlifter, who is popular for promoting videos online about getting big and ripped. He is quite entertaining and loves to shout at guys when they lift weights. He even shouts at himself when he is doing crazy amount of reps, commanding his arms to grow.

His videos consist of him and a bunch of swole guys lifting crazy weights in his gym in Los Angeles. I find them good to watch as they can motivate me to train a bit hard, although I am not a fan of using heavy poundages to prove my manhood.

CT has had health problems in the past, he used to be a huge junk food eater while he was powerlifting. Now, due to years of heavy steroid use, which I believe he has denied, he is in need of a heart transplant, after having a recent heart attack.

Bearded Black Man
The Invigorating CT Fletcher






Rich Piana is another former bodybuilder, he has made a good living promoting the sport and being very honest about what he has taken. He has a very humble personality and I have watched many of his videos. Rich has spoken out against supplements that are sold for bodybuilding, suggesting that most are a waste of money.

Muscle Guy
The Amazing Rich

This past week, Rich was rushed to hospital and was put into an induced coma. This is done to slow the body down, also to alleviate any pressure the person may have on their brain. The details are unclear about what happened to Rich,


Today I am sad to hear that Rich Piana has passed away at age 46. It was reported (as previously mentioned) that he had a heart attack and fell hitting his head.

After a week of being in a coma, he was taken off life support.

Other reports have stated he was using recreational drugs and fell, hitting his head on the floor.  I won’t say anything bad about Rich, I subscribed to his videos on YouTube and found him to be very entertaining. He has been honest about his steroid use and has spoken about the dangers of using it.

Taking steroids for a long time and carrying so much weight is a recipe for disaster in the long term. Your heart has to work much harder when you carry so much weight and when you live a unhealthy lifestyle.
No matter who you are, your body will say F* you and shut down at some point.

At the beginning of the year, I had a little episode that required me to take some tests in the hospital.

Thankfully I was cleared, but I did discover that I have an enlarged prostate. I know this is common with men as they get older, so I won’t pinpoint it to me using steroids in the past.

I haven’t touched steroids for a long time now, I am more than happy with my body and know how to train properly.

Taking TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) is very popular these days.
Testosterone is something you can build up naturally, so I don’t see the need to take injections to do so, granted taking a needle in the bum is an easier option. To build it naturally takes a lot of discipline and requires a herculean effort in the gym and proper nutrition. Black people on average have the highest testosterone levels on the planet so these levels can be attained without the need for pharmaceutical intervention. Again, the key to unlocking these potentials are through proper nutrition.

I don’t understand why anyone under age 40 would need to be on TRT to increase their testosterone. I was talking to a friend who happens to be a doctor, he claims there is a lot of bro-science to using TRT. He foresees a huge problem in a few years, with guys abusing these drugs and needing help.

There are many young guys at my gym that are on “roids”. It is a vicious cycle because many use them to become more attractive to the opposite sex, yet abuse of them can affect your libido and that is not something women find attractive.

One individual I know has been on Steroids consistently for over 10 years. A while ago he took the police test to become a police officer, he failed the physical due to having a bad heart.

I had this conversation with an attractive blonde in the gym recently, she asked me why guys take the stuff when they cannot perform in the bedroom. I told her I cannot speak for most guys.

She went on to give me examples of her girlfriends dating men who need dick pills and enhancements to perform.

No can Do!







The market for dick pills and male enhancement products is growing (pun intended), so there is obviously a market demand for these products. I know some guys will read this and disagree with what I am saying. I know that gaining size takes years in the gym and lots of dedication.

I know women are attracted to size and being big, makes things go smoother.

I watched an old video of Rich talking about his use of GH (Growth Hormone) which was costing him $2000 per month, underground black market price. To get that subscribed by a Doctor would cost you $8000 per month. (Serostin)

In addition, he talked about spending another $2000 per month on steroids to supplement the growth hormone.

$4000 per month is a lot of money to look big or be the biggest guy in the gym. With that amount of money I can get a sweet condo in Toronto near the club district, with such tight logistics it would be like shooting crabs in a bucket.

Roofview from downtown condo
In Toronto, we trust

For the young guys, please be aware of long term usage of steroids.

To die at age 26 is a waste of a life, to die at age 46 is still pretty young.

I am older than both of these guys and don’t plan on dying anytime soon.

Eat good natural food, limit the red meat, limit the alcohol, don’t do drugs and fcuk regularly.

If you eat well and live a clean lifestyle, your libido will still go strong for a very long time.

Now what is better than that!

Remember your health is the single most important thing you have and you only have one heart. Once that is gone then you’re gone (by Rudebwoy).

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