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Texting, Texting, 1, 2 or 3?

We can’t escape texting women. In this era of social media, communication with lizards is done via platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and other various applications. When trying to bang, attempts to engage are done via texting. But the question is, how many attempts should be made before tossing the lizard aside?
Some may only try once. I operate in a 3 text rule. If she doesn’t respond to the first text, I wait a day or two (depending on how busy my schedule is) and then send another text. If there is still no response closing text on the third day in order and already have that lizard out of mind.

The third text should be guiding a lizard to where you will be anyway regardless of whether she shows up or not. Your enjoyment MUST NOT be dependent on whether she shows up or not. I used to live right next to the city core. On my third text, I would invite a lizard to a bar beside my house. I would be lying on my bed relaxing, killing time before I went out clubbing with my friends. That free time slot was what I had scheduled for the lizard to show up. If she flaked with ‘I’m running behind’, I would tell her that I was terribly sorry and I had to go somewhere but we should reconvene at a later date. If she was a complete no show, I wouldn’t reprimand her but ignore her and send her a wakeup text (which I shall discuss below) a couple of months/a year later when I was bored and just going through the dead matter in my phone book.


If the lizard only responds in the final hour (your last text), you must direct to her your place. For you lot feeling squeamish, realise that she was weighing her options. ┬áThat is cool but unless you feeling like simping out a little bit, don’t put yourself out for her (as mentioned in the paragraph about the third text). I prefer to treat the lizard nicely AFTER I have smashed her walls. I have lived in tough cities with rude lizards so that method has worked for me. If she doesn’t respond and hits me up later (when she is most likely bored), then she must come to an intimate setting (my place). There will be no meetups in a public place. This will be the best point where I MUST try and get my wood in her. I have messed up plays in the past and lost the lizard forever because I got into my private quarters and didn’t even try to get into her private quarters.

The truth is, lizards are entertaining their options as much as men are. You have to match your options available as the ones she has to. With social media, an average lizard can entertain a slew of men. Even if the men are only trying to fcuk, the lizard has power over those men, in terms of the attention they are giving until she lets them nut and then the lizard concedes her power.


The wakeup text must draw the lizard to one’s place. If you can double stack your date with a flakey lizard do so, but by no means should you actually dedicate your time to meeting that lizard. She must meet you in passing so whether she shows up or not should not sway your plans. A flakey lizard must be put into the category of, my way or the highway.


Here are some screenshots of an exchange that I had between a flakey lizard. I didn’t mind going back and forth because I wasn’t making any plans to go and see her anywhere. The more BS I saw, the more determined to ONLY have her meet me at my place where I would try to penetrate.

As I mentioned earlier, lizards get bored and reach out to test their options, sniffing out a simp. Here she was trying to play the blame game (see below).

Text message exchange between lizard
Keep it short and don’t get roped in to her BS!

I responded accordingly.

Many days passed, perhaps a week or so and she sent a picture out of the blue. I gassed her head accordingly with the response ‘Gorgeous’. See her reply.

Text message
Violation from the lizard!

The fact that she had deleted the messages detailing my availability showed that she was just playing the numbers or maybe living with or dating someone who had the habit of looking through her phone! No more Mr Nice Guy!

I let it sit after ‘I see’ for several days, not reaching out to her and then again, out of the blue..

Text message transcript
I go for broke

Upon asking for explicit pictures, I wanted her to now put up or be out. I don’t really care for nudes or stuff like that, it was just a ploy. She started with ‘Take care’ which wasn’t enough for me. I really wanted her to take the hint so I sent out another message.


Text message from woman
Here is the coup de grace to the exchange

That’s how I deal with time wasting lizards. Maybe you can develop your own strategies along those lines. Be playful but at the end you want to leave her with this lasting expression on her face..

Confused woman staring at phone
If she flakes, leave her like this
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