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Why Working With Weights Wins White Women

Black men are selling themselves short if they don’t work out. You can game up to even 60 years old or longer by taking advantage of your blessings which are higher testosterone levels, higher bone densities. White lizards love the feel of the pulsing black flesh against them. I advise against black men comparing their facial structures to white guys. This is not a prejudicial thing. White guys shouldn’t match their qualities against black guys and vice versa. For those black guys who don’t have ‘Western facial features’, they can make up for lost territory by enhancing their bodies. Lions and leopards don’t hunt in the same fashion! Leopards can climb trees and lions can’t. Go to the gym and make sure you eat right. I’ve tried many things short of steroids and prehormone whatevers. My best results were when I took Creatine monohydrate. At times, my willpower is called upon more when it comes to the gym. With Creatine, I was swelling up in a very satisfactory fashion and the boost of endorphins had me giggling on Putney Bridge as I waited for the bus to go to Hammersmith station. Lizard wise was very fruitful. If it was daygame time, I would just throw on a ripped muscle vest and hit the roads. I was loving Notting Hill carnival time. I dropped my non black lizard off home after the carnival.  I remember once the aggregation of blacks at a particular junction was so overwhelming (I think it was the underpass at Ladbroke Grove station) that she blurted out: ‘Oh my Gawd, look at all your cousins!’

Confused face of black man
My cousins??







It can be quite heavy for those who haven’t grown up around black people.. hahaha.

We walked around enjoying the festivities. I think I may have had some jerk chicken with rice and peas. I was sipping a beer at the time. London permits open liquor. At some point there was a bang and my eyes and nose almost started to tear up, I recognised the effect of tear gas (not from personal experience hahahaha!) and we both ran for safer grounds. I hate taking sand to the beach but she wanted to see how blacks celebrate. After I got her home and safe, I immediately returned to the carnival with my friend. We fed off each other’s energy and used the synergy to terrrorise (the good sexual terror not the stuff that’s going on these days) London with our road game.

I spotted a mixed lizard from out of London sporting a gold tooth. Her body was shapely and she looked hungry for London meat. She had a white lizard friend with her. I was lunging at everything moving at the time and I remember moving definitively towards her, slanging the London talk at her. She was responsive and smiled and I moved in closer to cup her full breasts. I saw a male companion of hers look towards me with a pained expression on his face. One of my friends, an extremely ripped fresh West African immigrant, shiny black, came over hungrily when he saw how readily the lizard’s breast meat sat in my palms. Her white friend gravitated closer. London was the spot where out of towners came for action.  The white lizard asked me what my background was (Jamaican is usually the first call for them). I told her African and she said “No way” and my friend said that he was African. She said “That I can believe!”. What I  did believe was that she wanted him inside her, I could read this by the hunger in her eyes. My intentions and my hands were on her mixed friend.

I was working out in a gym when one of the female fitness instructors struck up a conversation with me as I waited to talk to the owner about the failure of the gym to keep its promise on being available 24/7. She was a blonde and in good limber shape. The typical blonde that you lot go goo-goo gaga over with the semi Valley girl voice.

Fit bird
She was loving the legs

I was mentioning that I needed to work more on my flexibility and she said that she had no problems in that area and proceeded to lift her leg up and snare it behind her head for a quick moment before bringing it back to rest. I played stoic but my mind entertained rifling her holes.

We went out for food and as I played the goat, she finally stated that she was attracted to me sexually. I told her that I was open to what she wanted and we made arrangements to meet at her place. She stated that when she saw me working out, my legs had sent her mind racing. Unlike many black men, I don’t have twigs but I sport solid trunks, quads with calves. I attribute that to my genes and my former training in basketball. Neither of my <insert family members> have twigs, down to the most slender of us. It was very easy to penetrate her once I got back to her place. She cooked some meal that she had learnt on her travels for me and then we went to the room and I felt her body. It was soft and warm. I slid into her inviting, viable space and pounded her. She gasped initially and told me to stop hitting it so hard so soon. When I grabbed her flesh to secure me as I pounded, it felt so soft that I felt that I may even change the entire constituency of her skin. I hit it well and when I shot my load, I stayed hard and continued thrusting much to her dismay. Perhaps, she could count on her hand when that had last happened and because of that we became regulars. Maybe I was her first, she didn’t seem like a black chaser or mud shark as some have coined (a phrase which has me rolling). I think that I may be her first because she invited a slew of her white female friends over one day. I was walking around in her apartment with a cut off shirt and some shorts or perhaps no shirt at all, I can’t remember exactly. One of them came over and apparently Ms Blonde had been boasting because they giggled and chuckled and one of them (I believe they were all married) grabbed my arms and said “Ooh, that’s what it’s like!”

Guns, Arms
They Just Had To Feel The Guns!






I felt slightly like a piece of meat but it didn’t bother me to be objectified because I was also doing some objectification of my own. I should have returned the favour, maybe I would have been able to pull off some sordid reverse gangbang. I think interracial horseplay works very well because lizards are sure it won’t get back to their community. Cultural shame is what prevents many lizards from jumping the fence which is why many turn into sluts on holiday to consume the hidden fruit.

They won’t do this at home and I don’t blame her!

I tend to be very discreet about my white consumption to the point that white lizards actually become more brazen than I in letting our relationships go public. I will talk about this in an interracial game strategy posts (all of these have been discussed in our podcasts).

Bottom line is, I was able to get these white women and pound her better than her ex could because I optimised my natural gifts of black testosterone and I showcased it accordingly to trigger her white desire. Don’t sell yourself short, let your body open her for you!


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