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How to Approach over 30 Women Under 30 in One Night And Not Give a Fcuk!

                                                             FIND YOUR ZONE 


In order to pull off this feat, you must find your zone. In the game, I think the earlier stages or preliminary stages are important for discovering your comfort zones, areas of weakness and working out the kinks. One must be able to tap into whatever energy source is needed to enable them to perform on call or whenever they hit the road. If you are unable to draw up that enthusiasm and sustain it throughout the event, either you need more training (30% physical, 70% mental) or you should just stay home. Even Michael Jordan had some 20 point nights (even though his average was 30 something per game). There are no rules to the zone.


                                                          WAYS TO GET IN THE ZONE


1) Issue a personal challenge:  You can  trash talk by issuing a challenge to your friends (whether you go out with them or you go on a solo venture) that you are going to approach x amount of lizards. CONS TO THIS APPROACH: None really, you have to eat humble pie if you don’t hold up your end of the bargain but you were going to eat it in some form if you are hunched over your meat alone at home so you can’t lose.

Men challenge before night out
I issued a challenge to my friend






2) Watch some sexy sluts doing some sexual stuff to get you aroused. You may be tempted to watch some porn which may also leading to flogging the dolphin. If you simply must flog the dolphin, just edge a little. If you shoot your load, you will probably fall asleep and miss out on the opportunity on tagging some juicy sluts.

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3) Work out. Working out gets the testosterone levels going. The body firms up and you become more of a man. The lizards can feel it and depending on your build and what you wear when you go out, she will be inclined to feel on your body. Even if you are not buff or you are slender, the energy you get from the workout will still work in your favour instead of against it.

Women straddle the jock
Get your body ready to charge some women






4) Listen to music. Whatever music that puts you in the mood is what you should listen to. I am a musical being (although I hold a hideous note when singing or blasting the karaoke). If I am in an environment where the music is not to my liking, I feel prematurely tired, achy and unmotivated to talk to anyone. I just want to escape. Due to that, I usually do poorly in clubs that plays music I dislike. I’ve never been able to get over that. I still operate but I feel flawless when music plays that is in my favour.

Listening Dancing GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

5) Get a bit tipsy. You can start liquoring up at home with homemade shots or whatever alcohol you keep wherever you are choosing to start from.  Some guys perform well under the influence, the key is finding that sweet spot. Too little alcohol and the influence wears off too fast although one is trying to get to the point where liquor isn’t needed to perform. Too much and one loses their motor skills and possibly control of speech. It’s all down to the individual and their sweet spot. If you do drink and you drink heavily, get an UBER or roll with a sober designated driver who will ferry you where you need to go for that night. Don’t let legal implications sully your night of fun.


                                                               MY COMFORT ZONE


My high numbers moments usually come naturally when I’m at some sort of festival or concert. I feel that high volume approaches are socially acceptable in those environments. The large spaces coupled with the relaxed vibes (often facilitated by alcohol consumption) enables me to work freely. Respectively, I usually approach 10-15 lizards at such events. If not for the fact that I am concerned about being seen getting the details of multiple lizards, I could shoot for at least 10 more lizards in approaches. Nonetheless, I am always pleased at my work output whenever I attend those sort of events.


                                                              THE HOUR OF RECKONING


For that particular night, I used the first suggestion I made for getting in the zone, which was to issue a personal challenge to my friend. I told him I am going in that night. Whenever I go off on my rampage, it has to be a solo act. It’s rare that I have found someone that can run with that as a team. For that to happen, the person has to have the same likes as me and a similar temperament. It used to happen in the past with an old friend of mine. I set the disclaimer as always, that the targets have to be something I look forward to. If I don’t see decent prospects, I feel disappointed to put up any meaningful effort to sink my wood into their sullied waters. Since I am a laidback sort of fellow, it always helps if I am a little annoyed prior to going in. The way many lizards are these days in the West, playing Mr Nice Guy is a long and fruitless journey. I played it before and it got me nothing but regret and anger towards self and others. For me, when I’m a bit annoyed, I’m impatient with nonsense and more indifferent to other opinions of myself which works wonders for the approach game. If the lizard is wasting time then on to the next one. Simple.

When I entered the place with my friend, I scanned the venue. It was fairly populated with a good amount of lizards who outnumbered the men. The men that were present were of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern descent; a gathering of lurking Turks and some Arabs (maybe Lebanese). Some believe in waiting until the lizards have settled down for a while and drank before making their move. This is fine but I think many men may follow the same rule. I’ve never been a big fan of lining up for things. I broke off from my friend and began to open. There is no clever lines to opening. If the lizard likes you, you just have to say something. Nothing too crazy, just normal stuff. If you are a funny guy, it helps, maybe you can amuse her sexually and cause her clit to tingle. There are no lines that I can recommend but you definitely can look some up if you feel they will help or give you some fodder to keep her reeling. I just went over and said “What you saying, what’s going on?”  The lizard gave me some generic answer and not wanting to lurk and look like some lump, I simply moved on. I asked another lizard and got a similar reply. I moved to different spots within the club getting more and more excited, the more no’s I got.

Women in a club pointing
They told me No!

 I saw a block of black lizards. I asked where they were from and they said Windsor. I said “Oh yea?” and rattled off some crap about something or someone I knew from that area. They didn’t seem interested. I was counting in my head as I did so and my friend almost seemed frozen in shock at my aggression. When I circled back to him for a brief moment, he told me “Dude, wow, you are insane today!”

I smirked and said “It’s not bad” before diving back into the gaggle of hags and hos. Running a mental count in my head, I was somewhere around 17 rejections.

Black man working tail off in club
Down but certainly not out

I noticed that the Middle Eastern looking men (Turks and co) had gained some sort of energy (most likely fuelled by alcohol) and they started to swarm the dance floor like a cloud of eager locusts. I saw the lizards flinch and I suspected that it wouldn’t be long until their approachability was all used up. Nonetheless, may the bravest man eat and I continued my gatecrashing ways. The lizards were not biting that night. I was up to about 25 and the rejections were flowing steadily like a stuck tap (faucet). My friend had long since fallen back back and I continued plowing. Around number 29 or 30, I saw a white lizard standing by. I moved towards her and held her. “Hey, what’s going on?” I said, with my usual labour effective opener. “Oh,” she said with some B.S, semi ‘hard to get’ response that was like splashing water on a duck’s back after my night and my energy levels. “Yea,” I said, palming her goods. She smiled and allowed me to exploit her body while we spoke. I can’t remember the conversation clearly to be honest because it was pointless. As I palmed her goods, those tight pert cakes, I broke the cardinal rule that many say shouldn’t be done in the PUA game and I leaned in to kiss her.

Kissing a lizard
Consolation Prize for hard work

I kept suggesting that we leave the place in my usual, casual indifferent fashion, whipping her tongue with my own. She said she had to be home early as she had somewhere to go in the morning, attending some sort of family event. I told her that we could go to my car and listen to a British track of mine. This was just a pretext to try and get her somewhere where I could get her to feel my fat snake sliding inside her. I held her close to me and kissed her some more so she could feel my meat straining at the material of my trousers. After some pushing, she still insisted that she had to go home. I finally settled for her number and promised to meet her up in the future.




So to recap, you need to get into your zone. Over time with diligence, you will understand which steps to apply to get in and stay in your zone so you can maximise your night and beat my 30 approach record. The outcome isn’t as important here as it is to practise and always be approaching. Racking up those sort of numbers regularly will eventually lead trying to get women to have sex with you second nature like it is to bite into a sandwich or switch on Netflix. If mass approaching, I would suggest trying to master the number memorisation tactic. It involves memorising her number when she tells it to you and then walking somewhere discreet to enter it into your phone before you forget. I discussed this tactic in my other blog post and it’s useful for getting the number of taken sluts or interracial sluts (who don’t want to rock the intracultural boat).  This strategy throws hating onlookers off as they won’t see the flash of your phone which is normal when you bring it out to get her number. This tactic also allows secret sluts to stay secretive and to fcuk you without blowing their cover.

I have not yet got an SNL from any of my blitzes. Most times, these are carried out at events such as carnivals and festivities which take place during the broad daylight. I don’t focus on a lay but more on feeling the event from a mass approach perspective. If the SNL happens, I don’t resist it but I don’t walk away feeling like I failed since my style is the farmer style anyway. I enjoy carnivals, music and food festivals immensely and I usually rack up tons of leads. My night of 30 approaches was due to the crowd here not favouring my look or some other reason. To recap, I went for 1 for 30. It was one of the proudest moments of my game career.

Approaching is Winning!
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