I like Kevin Hart from what I know. I don’t know him personally and my opinions are just based on what I have seen from social media. I recently obtained his autobiography and decided to read it. Obviously, he could be just putting on a front for the public and he could be a nasty fellow behind the scenes. I can only base my opinions on what I know.

Kevin Hart was just busted for cheating on his new wife who is pregnant with their first child together (Kevin has two from a previous marriage).  At the peak of the game as he is, one wonders why cash in so soon when it seems he has the table beat.

There have been some debates that he just got the best woman he could for the time being. In those debates it was said that before he blew, he wasn’t really getting what he wanted. To be honest, not many men get exactly what they want sex wise even at a raging peak. It’s always tilted in favour of the lizard regarding choice and fulfilling that choice. A man finds it hard to sex a lizard and a lizard finds it hard to get a man into a relationship.  I recall reading that someone with thousands of followers and to date Kevin has over 55 million followers. This means he can slide in DMs all day and arrange a slut for each city on his tour. However, when one is at the top of the game, they become a target. Some lizards try to set them up since the law is rigged in their favour where they can make false accusations and the onus is on the man to prove himself innocent. Even if the lizard is found to be lying, she can go about her normal life unscathed.

Someone argued that these guys are actually in love with the lizards and they think they can spend their lives together. I think to some degree, it’s to do with weak game. Some guys have smashed a lot of lizards and think that means they are ready for marriage. Dealing with a stream of lizards is a skillset in itself and it takes a certain degree of energy which certain guys can’t sustain long term. I’m in the game and I know. It’s rare to find a lizard that is willing to play along. With that being the case, part of the game is being able to dredge up new lizards for variety but without having to shoulder their burden.

A friend of mine made an interesting point that some guys have figured out how to succeed with certain types of lizards. Due to the fact that their portfolio is so specific (all college white lizards, all asian lizards, all Egyptian lizards for example), with the right tweak, they will have hacked it and have a steady stream of lizards pouring in. The game is funny in the sense that once a guy is successful in his field for smashing lizards, that success creates a monopoly that brings the lizards in like flies. However, with lizards of other cultures and races, they don’t have anything close to that level of success.

The marriage is the long term game. There is the game that it takes to land a lizard for sex which is very important and spontaneous but then there is the other game that involves keeping a lizard engaged where she doesn’t try and do something against why you got with her in the first place.  I’ve been on tons of dates and spoken to tons of lizards and when I really hear what they are saying, it sounds like trash scraped together to put on a resume.
I spoke with a lizard who was sexing a married man (who she knew was married), entered a relationship with him and yet mysteriously labels him as the spawn of Satan for his actions.
You can’t make this stuff up. It’s a bit like a man who picks up a sloot in the midst of a slooting event and then blames her for slooting on him later on down the line when they establish a relationship.
I remember a guy that I know of through a friend. He is a daring black American and was actually taking pics and recording himself pounding snow before it became as popular as it is now. He double pentrated a Hungarian lizard in London with a white friend of his one of his usual whims. She was riding him and his friend was just standing by with a raging stiffy when the black guy getting ridden urged the white guy in a frat boy chant to plug her vacant tunnel.

His white friend obliged.

Pinned woman between two men
It’s not a party without 3!

That lizard will get married (if she hasn’t already done so).

I remember banging some lizard in her van. She was very vague about her relationship, the cover story was as dusty as an abandoned cowboy saloon. We drove in her van after dusk to a quiet spot near a lake and I started backshotting her in the back of the van. Even though she put a cloth down for my knees, that area of the van was designed for material goods and not humans. We ended up renting a cheap motel not too far away that took cash only and then I hit it from the back, slapping her arse as I did so.

Black hand on white ass
Palming the buns

I used to follow the NBA a lot. I see more into their personal behaviour and lifestyles than I used to in the past  and it is due to my personal maturity and much more information at one’s disposal. I have been around watering holes of certain NBA players and they have lizards coming at them from all angles. Traditional game as we know it is not needed. What is needed from them is avoidance game as their pockets are the targets. Roles are switched and the law and the lizards work as a team to render financial difficulties on these young black men. That being said, many of them get married. I think being married and having that hunger is even worse (in the traditional sense) unless they have an understanding wife. A wife that understands that it’s bigger than infidelity and that the marriage is a business. I used to talk to a white French brunette with big tits. She showed those big creamy European jugs to me a few times. I was supposed to give her a shout when I passed through Paris at one point but I was too discombobulated from my trip to reach for that payphone. She said that she didn’t care who her man went with since he was coming home to her. If lizards lived via that understanding, it would be better for the marriage. To be fair and to look at it from the flipside, some lizards may argue that they should also get to go out and fcuk. Perhaps. There seems to be evidence showing that the lizards suffer more from those physical encounters (from a psychological standpoint) than the men. It could be societal however.

In the interview, we had with the Nomad, he discussed the difference between an American slut and a Brazillian slut. He basically explained that being open sexually in Brazil was a part of their culture. Even if you enter a relationship with a lady of the evening there, she won’t exhibit the same traits as a slut in America. For a lizard to be a slut in America, she actually has something wrong with her. This isn’t limited to America, this goes for all the Anglo Western countries. I have hands on experience with the UK, Canada and America. I can’t speak for Australia or New Zealand.

Nomad opened my eyes. He has hands on experience as he lived in Brazil for two years and currently lives in America. He said he was out of control in Brazil hahahaha.



I remember always wondering why NBA players got married. Someone argued that they actually got sprung and believed that the lizard they got hitched with would help them change their ways or help keep them focused. The only player that I know openly to state that he wasn’t going to marry until he was finished with the NBA is John Wall.

NBA player ohn Wall with chick
He ain’t going out like that

As far as I know, he’s still standing firm on his principles with those. I see the rest of the NBA players getting married prematurely and then blowing a significant chunk on alimony  towards their lizard. To argue in their favour towards marriage, many times their lizard was holding it down for them during childhood and throughout high school when there wasn’t any insurance that they were going to be something. We like to see the golden path and think that they were destined for favour but the sports selection is truly a lottery pick. There are well over 300 million people in America, millions of people trying out for the leagues with some of the most sensational athletes in the world so in all prospects, who knows how things will turn out.
I guess the guys feel an obligation of sorts to hold it down for that lizard. Many of them impregnate the lizard even prior to the pros so she is definitely locked in for the higher earning years of his career.

Having to pay child support can’t be avoided by not getting married (the only way to do that is to really protect where one deposits that seed or get a vasectomy). I don’t think black men are much in favour of vasectomies. It may be cultural but there’s a distrust in the black community when it comes to medical intervention and this increases substantially especially when it comes to the last bastion, the Black Penis. Some guys are very surgical on the lizards they sex and actually take the condom with them when they are done instead of giving it to the lizard afterwards. Depending on how her career is going (normally THOTS have nothing significant going on in their lives), she will just dump the contents of that condom inside of her punany so that she increases the chances of having his baby.

Maybe getting the crappy end of the stick in marriage is a lack of game on the man’s half. I think that it’s actually a financial ploy. Impressions count especially at a certain level in society. For you to actually get all those benefits and have other things working for you behind the scenes even as your mind is focused on your profession/art, you have to give off a semblance of normalcy. A single adult male, especially a black one, in this society is seen as weird and sexually crazed. The presence of a lizard serves to temper that assumption and make one seem palatable. I always thought it was mind boggling how Michael Jordan’s lizard could get such a huge chunk of his empire; she walked away with about 150 million dollars but I don’t think Michael would have gotten all of that money (300 million dollars) if he remained single. So in essence, he may have made 100 million by that time on his own which would have him 50 million down from what he had left after Juanita walked off with half.

I am not advocating here that marriage will enable a man to make more money, I am just illustrating how the game is. Many of these high powered guys pipe other lizards very often, their wives understand this accordingly and accept this life. Many of their wives are getting power pumped by other men either in their husband’s social or professional circle or from a lower tier still within the husband’s range; it’s just one big swingers club.