So a reader wanted to know how to manage a harem.
I chuckled when I first read this question, but I can understand as a young man you have the urge to fcuk as much as possible.
As an older dude, I can tell you that urge doesn’t go away.
Moma: There is nothing better than new tail. No matter how old I get, I still feel a grin breakout over my face when I thrust into a strange lizard for the first time. They often wonder why I am grinning; that immature side to me will never go away.
Black Man with White Woman
New Tail is Always a Lure
Personally, I wouldn’t advise having a harem in the West due to the mentality of lizards nowadays.
For starters, when a girl finds out you are fcuking another girl she will not be happy to say the least. Some girls don’t take cheating sitting down and I have heard too many ugly stories where dudes lost their jobs, wives and money for a bit of tail.
Moma: You can have a harem but it can’t be obvious. The lizards have too much leverage for it to work in the favour of the man. They can vandalise property, feign outrage and they have such things known as a crime of passion for which authorities have a soft spot towards. To counter this, you have to be vague, cover your back and be unpredictable in your movements. If this isn’t your nature or it’s too much to cover your back and be careful about your trail then the harem may not be your best bet.
Harem LineUp
The truth is, most girls have experienced a partner who has cheated. The old adage about ‘Show me a hot girl and I will show you a dude who is tired of fcuking her’ is very real and true.
I run into a lot of these lizards, who are now older women in their 30s. They are bitter and jaded, but realize time isn’t on their side. Some are desperate to have children, they are a different nightmare altogether.
Above 30 women are heavily attracted to me, that is well and dandy for the ego. The trouble is they aren’t down for casual relationships or being in a rotation.
Now if I were a younger guy like the reader…
My first step would be: Get rid of social media (reduce one’s electronic footprint). I am a fan of Instagram so I wouldn’t eliminate it entirely. I would use a fake account or have an account that doesn’t show too much and people can’t decipher that it is my account.
The gram is still a great way to harvest new leads, show your exciting life and demonstrate you are living better than the next dude. Be careful who you like and what posts you like, because girls following you can see your moves.
Moma: Your IG shouldn’t be connected too much to you. If she asks you for Facebook, tell her you don’t have it. It’s harder for a lizard to believe that a younger person doesn’t have it but it’s possible, you can tell her you don’t believe in it and you are more about phone calls and text messaging. I say this all the time (I actually don’t have Facebook).
Remember, when a girl meets Rudebwoy and her interest is piqued. She will insert my name into google and do a search on my arse.
I went on one date once with a cop, I didn’t know she was a cop. She told me she was a cop afterwards and that she put my name into the database, we didn’t have a second date.
Moma: I was on a date with a lizard that I had been piping for a while. I had given her my name and she had given to her brother who worked for the government and she pulled up my family information. She name dropped the name of my family member casually as I showed her family pictures. Although I have nothing to hide, I found that to be an invasion of privacy since these lizards like to be mysterious about their revelations (past marriages, relationships with abusive men which spills forth into their current and future relationships). I decided that was the last time I ventured out with this lizard. Her style felt stalkerish to me.
A friend of mine met a girl online, he picked her up in his Range. They arranged a second date and she showed up at his home. He was like “WTF, how does this girl know where he lives?” She had a friend that worked at the DMV and she ran his plates.
Second rule is:  Never bring a lizard to your home, she will show up out of the blue.
Moma: If you do bring the lizard home, it’s better if you live in a gated community or tight community with constant eyes (nosy neighbours) so she can’t just show up on your doorstep. If you live in an apartment (flat) then this is where nosy neighbours can be useful. I used to live in a hood area full of unemployed people that were either on retirement, army benefits or those who braided hair and other stuff. I remember a lizard showing up late to my place and there were a bunch of muscular males just hanging out in the parking area talking laughing, drinking and smoking. That would be a deterrent for her to come around as those men may try and hit on her (nothing to lose) especially if she shows up uninvited. My neighbour in that area used to hit a lot of lizards (he was an older guy). He would park his car around the back of the building (the parking lot was in the front of the building) so for a lizard circling his area, she couldn’t see his car and thus gauge whether he was in. This would compensate for not living in a gated community. I learnt this the hard way as a lizard asked where I was and I said I was busy (I was busy trying to disrobe a new lizard at my place). She responded that she saw that my car was parked at my place. In retrospective, I should have parked it around the back like my neighbour did at times but I didn’t know that option was available until I shared the tale with him.
Third rule is: Never take different girls to the same place, this is common sense and doesn’t need explaining. Most people(wait staff/bouncers) are haters and will rain on your parade.
I am not a fan of taking girls I am dating to nightclubs or bars, if I cannot help it.
Moma: I don’t like taking lizards to nightclubs myself, I feel like it’s equivalent to taking sand to beach. However,  it can be social proof and if she’s a timewaster, you can use the opportunity to scoop other lizards when she goes to the bathroom or if she goes to the bar to get a drink. Lizards like to ride ‘unavailable’ property. They get a rush of power from sexing taken men. Ironically, your lizard may toe the line once she sees she’s in danger of losing you. Again, there is a subtlety to this play.
Cellphones are a great tool but also probably one of the worst inventions ever made. Lizards where I live have been known to drop you if you don’t answer your cell, right away they assume you are with another girl.
Moma: You can counter this by being constantly busy. If she wants to see you, she needs to see you in person. Don’t pay too much lip service to her on the phone, that can turn around to bite you in the rarse. I once had a lizard friend of mine conference in on a genuine education call that I was having with a friend of mine. He was from India and his accent was thicker than gravy left out for two weeks. Her suspicion was curbed by listening to him rattling on and on. If you are busy enough, let her reach out via text and you can call her back. If she is insistent on reaching you, then there is nothing you can do about it. I have had lizards suspicious of me when I was genuinely busy so our budding ‘romance’ was broken up. There is nothing I can do about that.
I have seen an app which has a whole different interface, which is password protected. So a girl could text or call you and it doesn’t show up on your phone.
Texting Lizard
Her text won’t show up and incriminate you
The fourth rule and perhaps this could be number one, is to always have a good alibi and be a good liar with a poker face.
Don’t get caught out by having a next girl’s hair on your clothes. Some lizards will mark you just or leave their scent if they suspect you might be a player.
Moma: A friend of mine was busted when he had a huge bra hanging in the bathroom. The lizard in mention was on the brink of getting fcuked when she saw some huge cups hanging from the shower rod. Although there was no promise of exclusivity, I guess the evidence that there were some bigger tits present hit her self esteem and she bailed. Lizards are funny like that. I had a lizard with big tits leave her big bra behind. I’m certain that she did this purposefully. I hid it in one of my suitcases.
Weighted evidence
I used to pipe a snowflake that busted her black man because she saw a few strands of blonde hair in the bed (she was a brunette).
I knew a black lizard who busted her white man for the same reason (she didn’t have blonde hair so she knew it wasn’t hers) and being cheated on with snow may have hurt more. I also knew a snow lizard who broke up with her man after she found out that he had filled out another prescription for viagra (she let the first prescription slide).
Again, not to come across too negative. For me I would prefer to have a harem of girls living in different parts of the city or perhaps in a neighbouring town or city.
Moma: One of my managers in his playdays used to keep a lizard at the opposite end of the city. He had a key to each lizard’s place. He was a good looking guy and he got to enjoy the city in its heyday before it turned into a stale zone.
Small town girls are less demanding and would be happy for a big city guy to drop in once in awhile. My amigo Moma has talked about this in one of our earlier podcasts (available on YouTube).
Of course you should be “busy” with work and have a job that requires you to travel a lot. Even if the job doesn’t require you to travel, letting them know you are busy turns on a lot of lizards. Makes no sense I know.
Lizards are very nosey and have great skills in finding out what you are up to. You would need the skill of a secret agent and the moves of a ninja to keep it going.
Finally, a younger lizard may accept being in a rotation if she doesn’t know about the other girls. Or if you are taking care of her to some extent, you would be surprised how little money it takes to impress a chick and keep her happy.
Moma: I know a guy that has access to a lot of social events. He doesn’t do PDA so it’s difficult for people to know who he is poking and who he is friends with. Most of these young lizards are tackling loans or working in very trite paying positions so it doesn’t cost as much to maintain them as one would imagine. Access to an event here, comped bottle service can easily blow their minds and get them to ‘blow’ your mind.
Time for Rudebwoy to find a young hood chick.
Now if I could find the factory where they make Michael Kors handbags or is it Coach which is hot right now.
By Rudebwoy with interjections by Moma.