A reader asked me to answer the following questions:

Why Indian Girls from India usually date their own Indian Men?

Well, that question should be posed to Indian men since ultimately most cultural behaviour is defined by the men of that culture. The Indian culture from my observation is very traditional and they follow tradition especially when it comes to things like education and marriage. Ultimately, dating is supposed to lead to marriage. Dating is a means of finding out about oneself and how one relates to others. Each date is supposed to bring one closer towards finding their life partner. If Indian lizards are going to marry an Indian man then why bother dating any other race? This is not the case with other races who tend to follow love in terms of who they marry. It is practically set in stone for the Indian culture.

Set in Stone
Marriage is Set in Stone for Indians from India

In my own experience, I have had very low yield from that particular neck of the woods. I recall going into a club with some friends once and it was pretty much 98 percent Indian. I opened about 15 Indian lizards and crapped out in a spectacular fashion. I think only about 5 of them even paid me the slightest mind and at least answered some of my rudimentary questions. That’s just how the culture is, if it got back to her community that she was talking to someone like me, she would probably be written out of the will and scolded to astronomic levels by her father, the male members of her family which would be backed up by the female family members.

Black Man and Indian Woman
Only separate from the herd game will work here

Now most guys are not going to approach that many lizards of any race in one fell swoop or maybe even over the course of the year so if the lizards were that uncooperative one can understand where their dating preference would lie. Now, I did notice some Indian guys out of the corner of my eye opening and getting a much better conversation going. That being said, social circle is huge for the Indian culture and since those guys may know each other, indirectly or directly, they are really just making re acquaintances.

The other question was:

Why is the number of  Indian Guys dating White Girls is higher than Indian Girls dating White Guys?

India has a patriarchal culture which means it’s a culture lead by men. This being said, men can decide who they want to go for more than their lizard counterparts and there won’t be a cultural backlash. As stated earlier, it’s social and cultural taboo for an Indian lizard to be dating outside of her race. For the men who are supposed to be the providers this is not the case so they can date who they want and even marry who they want! Now I wasn’t sure if the question was specific to white girls as opposed to just dating outside of the Indian race but I will answer it as opposed to white lizards. White lizards are the most sought after race in the world and so it’s no surprise that they are the mark given for diverse dating. If you move to the United States where racial barriers and boundaries are more hardset between white and other, seeing why the white lizard is the prize (she is still deemed as forbidden goods) becomes more obvious.

Indian Man with White Woman
Indian Man Scores White Lizard

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