Don’t get too close to me, baby


I was triggered to write this by the event that happened recently to Ginuwine the singer in good old ye England. I remember talking to a young white guy at work. We had some downtime and the discussion went over towards lizards. As you lot know, if you have been following our pods and reading any of the posts, my preference is towards black lizards. I get that exhilarated feeling in my body when I am around a sexy one and when I get to peel off her clothing, the feeling as I insert myself into her is unmatched. I have been with other races before so this isn’t a case not knowing anything better; there is just something about the black lizard for me that I can’t get out of my system. Anyway, a question was posted towards the white guy who explicitly said that he did not like black lizards. He said that he wasn’t attracted to them. Some brothas might get offended by that remakr but I don’t since I understand what it is to have a preference. To me, the race of a lizard gives her a certain look and some are not attracted to that look. I knew a guy from Lagos living in the West who wanted nothing to do with black lizards. We went to an event once that was all black and the strained look on his face suggested that his opinion was very real.

Group of partying blacks
Just like in Lagos

His explanation was that, growing up in Nigeria, all he saw was black whether he wanted to or not. Most of you lot reading this have not lived or been to a country as black as Nigeria. In Nigeria, it’s customary not to see whites or indeed any other race than black for weeks or months, depending on what region one lives in. Nigeria doesn’t have the same racial diversity that other African countries such as Kenya, South Africa or Angola would have. With that being said, I understood his sentiment entirely. Many black lizards would take the same offense with his preference towards snow as some brothas may towards my white friend at work who only liked white lizards. I had another white friend who I had this same discussion with. In his case, he hummed and haamed for a long time before I was finally able to drag it out of him that he didn’t find black lizards attractive.

My thing is, having a preference is fine. Some guys don’t like fat lizards who are shaped like a barrel. That’s their preference. Some fat lizards shaped like barrels don’t like other fat guys who are shaped like barrels. Again, that’s their choice. The only problem would be when that preference is tied into something more deeply seated. If the preference is tied into race, for example, with the person feeling that a particular race is inferior or has some negative trait and bases his preference for something else on that, then that’s a problem. For instance, some lizards might say they don’t like black men because they cheat too much. This would be the wrong basis behind having a racial preference. It’s not organic nor whole. Some black men may not like black lizards because they say they are too argumentative. Patrice O’Neal (RIP) said that black lizards are rough in the beginning but softer on the backend whereas white lizards are soft on the front end and rough on the black end. He would know about white since he was from Boston which is snow flake city.. For me, I like black women because they tend to have round spherical bottoms and because I like the skin hue, the feel of their bodies and their smell. Taking a flat assed black lizard would be counter productive for me. Behaviours can vary on her upbringing; I personally have no time or patience for LWA (Lizards with Attitude).

Involving the racial sexual preference the black lizards convo at work, there was a Latino guy present and he said that he found black lizards were too rough and loud. He rode the public transport often which mostly had black lizards on there and he had multiple opportunities to sample their behaviour. Unfortunately, that was very common to witness. I could see where he was coming from to an extent but I move in enough different circles to realise that it was a behaviour associated with a specific social class that those black lizards happened to belong to.

Me myself, although I like black lizards, I don’t like that rough behaviour and they don’t like me either per se. Rough and loud behaviour is masculine and raises my hackles. Some guys get erect in such situations but for me, my lizard has to be soft, feminine and reasonably compliant. That’s just what I have known and that’s how I am genetically set up. With that being the case, I know how to probe and filter for feminine black lizards. Some black lizards throw that up as a smoke screen when in essence, they are soft on the inside. I remember talking to a lizard with dreads in a club. She was standing to the corner with her friend (who was also black). When I approached her to talk, I introduced myself and moved to hold her by the waist. “Watch your hands,” she snapped ‘sternly’ but I could feel that it was an act.

Grab it you own it
Grab it, you own it

I know it was an act because we went on a date and I grabbed her by the poosy (Donald style). She gasped shyly but didn’t do much to fend me off. Later on, we went back to mine and a little later on, I was leveraging my wood into her punani to the sound of jingling metal (she had a pierced clit). So my point is, even though her exterior seemed fierce, she was essentially feminine. There are other times however when a lizard can be really brash, rough and tough both on the inside and the outside.

So to conclude, racial preference with sex doesn’t make one racist. I don’t think one should be singled out or shamed for that. However, it is interesting to ask certain probing questions to see if the individual’s choice is based on just attraction or if it’s something more deeply rooted. Regardless of which, it’s still their choice, it’s just that if it’s something deeper than attraction, it can come back to bite at a later date.