A couple months ago I turned 50.
Yes, I have lived through ten decades. I have lived for half a century.
For me the milestone wasn’t a big deal, for some of my friends they took it badly. Some just didn’t mention it at all.
My next milestone is 60 and that will be a tough pill to swallow.
I have been fortunate, I don’t look my age. Most people peg me to be late 30s and early 40s. This doesn’t mean anything to me, it just strokes my ego.
Older black man
Half a Century mark
Inside I know I am 50, my mind is 50 years of age.
I absolutely hate when people say stupid things like 50 is the new 30 or 40 or whatever. This is an absolute lie, I cringe every time I read that nonsense.
Last year, I had a little ordeal. I had to get a check-up which involved cameras being placed up my bum and penis. It wasn’t a pleasant experience but something ALL men will have to go through at some point in their lives.
Lucky for me, everything was good.
I have “friends” that haven’t been so lucky, a few have passed away due to bad health and negligence.
My advice to you younger guys reading this, is to live your life. Don’t wait for tomorrow or next year. Do the things you want to do in life, don’t procrastinate.
Don’t waste your time doing things that will not better you in life.
The good news is if you take care of yourself in the younger years, you will not suffer later on in life.
My body is holding up pretty well, my penis works well and I don’t need any blue pills to enjoy sex. I just need a nice piece of ass to get me in the mood, I am not trying to collect notches at this stage of the game. Been there and done that.
I am looking at finding a decent woman to give me a child, I won’t live forever and I have thought about death. My needs have changed slightly.
Life is short, my friends, I remember when I was 20 and 30. Only a couple of years ago I felt like I could walk on water. Now I know my limits and realize the race is a long distance marathon, not a sprint.
– Rudebwoy