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Don’t Update Your Lizard At All Costs!

I was having a conversation with a family member about some of the mistakes one has made with lizards. We spoke about keeping lizards in a certain state. Many have complained about how useless many lizards are beyond sexual encounters. I am still in the game and I have experienced personally as well as through friends, the problems that lizards bring. Many of the guys I know are better cooks than their lizards. In fact, they are better housekeepers than their lizards in general and the only virtues the lizards bring are wet pussies. That’s cool if one is just trying to smash.

Beat and Delete

However, you have some guys who, due to their upbringing and chivalry, are hoping that they can do something humane for the lizard rather than just hit it all the time. Take her out to an event, go to the beach or something. I’ve done that with a lizard and I can tell from how she was behaving that she didn’t really think I would go ahead with all that. She was argumentative with waiting staff and other people which suggested that sex was really what was on her mind. I’ve had a lizard that would interrupt me a lot when I was trying to illustrate a point which distracted me from the point I was trying to deliver but I noticed when I fcuked the shyt out of her before we even went anywhere or started conversing, she was as compliant and as right as rain.

A family member took a lizard out for her birthday that he used to smash.

Is this going somewhere?

His mistake was trying to upgrade her from their initial understanding. The lizard from there on, started to disrespect him. Their relationship which was founded from an understanding that they would just have sex, declined and he soon had to cut her off.

I’ve learnt this as I’ve lived here and the important thing is to read between the lines. I remember when I was young, I used to wish I could read minds.

Are you a slut or not?

However, with social media and this addiction for attention amongst the masses, I am practically Professor X and I have multiple channels and insights into many behavioural patterns and know that despite everything, one should always be solidified game wise and aim for the puzzy. Do not get caught out by a soft voice, velvety skin and a beautiful smile.

Look what the cat dragged in
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