This is a current review of the Amsterdam social scene.

Club Nyx – This was a huge dance club with four or five different dance floors, multiple bars. It’s in the gay district. Apparently on the weekends is when the gays go. However, I went with my Dutch friend on a Thursday because they were having a soca/dancehall theme night, and it was packed with girls. So don’t go on the weekends, I guess.

Mazzeltof – This place is in De Pijp. Full of locals, relatively small bar but people were dancing. Cool people.

Het Paardje – Also in De Pijp, this is a dinner spot that turns into a bar…during the week locals go here for happy hour. on the weekend they play music and people “pre-party” here, like 11:30pm to 1 am before moving on to something else. Seemed to be the late-20s to mid-30s successful crowd that congregated here.

De Ebeling – Multiple bars and a dance floor in the middle. similar to paardje, the place seems to be mostly a food spot that then moves the tables to create a medium sized dance floor. There was a heavy local presence there. Aside from the music festival, this was my favorite spot of all the places I went, it was packed with good looking girls!

De Tulp – In Marie Heinekeplein, it has a medium sized dance floor, multiple bars. Lots of girls that don’t live in De Pijp party here

Eerste Van De Helstraat (lots of local shops and foot traffic, good for daygame). I will forever remember this place because I saw this girl with the perfect ass, but I didn’t say anything…should’ve said something, but she caught me by surprise.

Don’t be shy, come say hi

Sarphatipark – Also in De Pijp, great for daygaming locals when the weather is good. there are several cafes close by. after you open a girl, all you have to do is say let’s go eat at this cafe on eerste van de helstraat, it’s like a two minute walk away.

All-in-all, Dutch women have big butts, nice thighs, and they come in all flavors (black, white, middle eastern, Caribbean, didn’t see that many east Asian types though, more southeast Asian types). They’re at least friendly to foreigners since Amsterdam gets so many tourists. I saw some VERY sexy Mixed dutch girls with light green and light blue eyes. I found Dutch girls very warm and friendly toward me. Dutch girls are health conscious and I saw plenty of hot girls in the gym (much more than I see in the YMCA)

Thuishaven Music festival – If you come to Amsterdam, please go to a music festival. My only regret about this trip is that I didn’t plan for an extra day to recover after the music festival.

I went to this one festival called Thuishaven where they were giving out balloons full of laughing gas, that shit was wild lol!

Sexy brunette inflating black balloon
She wants to inflate something black

The music was good too and since almost everyone there was rolling, people were super easy to talk to! I met a lot of girls at this festival, just say “hey, let’s go get a balloon,” and they’ll come with you then tell them that you should go dance and they’ll follow you. I was talking with this one redheaded Dutch girl wearing a camouflage romper, her cheeks were falling out her outfit. I was triggered.

So yeah. Amsterdam is dope. I will return one day, probably next year for two weeks during summer vacation. I will visit other cities like Utrecht and Rotterdam as well.

If I go to Amsterdam again, I would stay in De Pijp or even a place just slightly further south so that you can get a really cheap AirBnb.

                           GET A BIKE SO YOU CAN GET A ‘RIDE’


The biggest thing I would do for differently for picking up locals would be to rent a bike overnight. Girls will ask “Do you live here or are you visiting?” which lets me know that they are used to getting pumped and dumped by tourists. You can say you live here, but if you don’t have a bike, she’ll know you’re bullshitting! You can live in a very cheap area and still bike to a place like De Pijp in twenty minutes. Even if you live a twenty minute bike ride away, a Dutch girl will go home with you because she has her own bike, and Amsterdam is very safe.

Sexy woman on bicycle
I’ll go home with you, got a helmet?

Don’t stay in the Centrum — it is FULL of tourists, it’s just plain overcrowded…and because all the tourists are there, you will get ripped off on housing, food, and entertainment. If you live outside the Centrum, you can just rent a bike and be in the Centrum in 10-15 minutes.

Turns out that I do vibe with Amsterdam folks (especially at music festivals, I met people more easily at the festival than I did at local bars) so for me the trip was a success. I could see myself living here, the drug culture is more liberal than that of the US. The fact that I saw so many attractive girls, I think that there are several places in the US that also appeal to me…but those places in the US don’t have public transport on the level that Amsterdam does. you can take a train to several other places in the country for a day trip. you can get to the airport by bus, or by the metro…the public transportation options in Amsterdam are really good, and I really like that about the city. The public transport, followed by the music festival scene makes me really like Amsterdam.

When going back, I will visit other cities and go to music festivals there.




Tinder Swipe
Swipe Right on Sight

Another thing — I got matched with hotter girls in Amsterdam than I do in the States on Tinder. I’m not big on Tinder, I just swipe until I’m out of likes for the day and then forget about it until the next day. Nothing materialized out of the matches (4 girls didn’t respond to my message, 1 girl took too long to respond and I had to get back on my return flight to the US), but the quality was definitely better than what I get in the US. My tinder profile consists of just pictures, no text, so they had no way of knowing that I am American.

Combined with the amount of physical escalation local Dutch girls were giving me when I partied in De Pijp, I think Dutch girls do have a thing for black guys in general. I might have just had more of a fun vibe too since I was on vacation and so my mental state was much better.

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