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Do you mind if I sit?

Game will never die and although at times it seems to take different forms, being discussed in different ways, the bare essentials remain the same. The discussion has come up again as to which approach is better and although technology has come a long way, I still wonder if Virtual game has finally superseded B&M (Brick and Mortar) game. So what are they exactly and how do they differ?


Catch me if you can!
  • Virtual game refers to using technology to getting a date (or a bang). Dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat are examples of what would be used to present one’s profile in the virtual sense. Personal pictures are uploaded to his dating profile or his Instagram page, depending on the online platform he’s using and the lizards can see what the guy looks like from there. With a dating profile, the guy sets up the pictures and then starts to browse prospects, messaging those that look appealing to him. She can read his message whilst look at his pictures to assess if that’s someone she’d want to start an interaction with. The initial impressions with dating applications are largely one sided with a specific purpose in mind (to get the date or bang) and the man are usually proactive in this sense.
  • Instagram is a little more open, supposedly more of a social tool to express one’s life through pictures but maintains the capacity to be quite easily used to procure lizards. One can browse through the owner’s pictures and/or videos beforehand and upon seeing what pleases them, DM (direct message) the person. One can get snares via the public this way, similar to how a dating application works. On the other hand, Snapchat is more of an exchange when meeting the person in real life, kind of like how one used to ask for one’s number. Snapchat IDs are exchanged and communication can occur through there. Many lizards are open to sending personal sexy videos through Snapchat since it allows the sender to set an expiry date on their sent content, assuring the lizards some anonymity over their debauchery.
I won’t tell if you don’t
  • VIRTUAL GAME PROS: This particular type of game is largely visual and mostly passive, zoning in on the guy’s appearance in pictures. A good looking photogenic guy with well taken selfies can get a lot of bites.
Fancy a bite?
  • In this sense, he just has to close the deal, her interest already having been gotten. Here, game is narrowed to a specific channel of contact since initial communication is only done through pictures. Later on, the leads/hits are accredited and solidified through messaging via the platform. A lizard can browse profiles at her own leisure, responding to messages after the profiles have piqued her interest. The advantages of this method is that it can make the best use of one’s time and negate physical constraints (if you’re trapped at work for eight or ten hours in some office building surrounded by men, for instance). One can reach out to a large number of lizards spanning a very wide geographical network (theoretically, you can message lizards from all over the world) in a very short space of time from one location. It’s like nuking a lake and sitting back to watch the lizards wash ashore.
Hi, I just saw your profile. Can I get to know you some more?

  • With particular regards to those travelling, one can set the location on their dating app to the place they are at, even doing this a month prior to landing in order to test the local waters. In fact, one may even set it ahead of time ‘broadcasting’ in an entirely different country to see if it’s even worth travelling there in the first place.

How are receptive are the local lizards to one’s particular look? Are they curious about black men or absolutely gagging to meet a chocolate brother?

  • The amount of bites can determine if one decides to buy a ticket to go and visit a particular city or country. Set up as many dates as your time constraints permit before even booking your flight so that when you arrive, you slide out of customs into some precustomised poosy.
Cum and tell me how this local fruit tastes
  • Scalability: You can stack up instadates if you have the right profile and flake on those who don’t click with you immediately. Being rejected from your initial approach isn’t important since your anonymity is assured by you having access to many lizards in a one to one private setting. The interactions are always private and nobody knows what went on behind closed doors. You could get 500 rejections, line up 50 dates and close a $50,000 deal in the same hour. I know of some guys who have modified the algorithm to dating apps and just kicked off the mechanism so that it sifts through countless viable profiles messaging hundreds of lizards. The algorithm could be set to a specific 5 mile radius of the person’s actual location, age 18-28, body type, relationship status etc. The algorithm doesn’t care about noes and just blitzes targets that fit the desired parameters with template messages so that when the owner logs into his dating app, he’ll have all the interested prospects ready to be sorted and processed.
  • VIRTUAL GAME CONS: Although it sounds straightforward and easy theoretically, virtual game is narrow. It’s like hunting with a blunderbuss, all you’re able to do is point in the relative direction of the prey and squeeze. It’s noisy, messy and predictable. Relating this analogy back to virtual game, it’s like this: If you don’t meet the preexisting criteria you’re immediately phased out of the selection process. You have to be photogenic and you’re initially judged on how your pictures look.
  • Some folks are non photogenic with their strengths being their in person vibes. I remember banging one lizard over my bathroom sink and when I looked up to see how she looked in the mirror, I was shocked to see a flushed unsymmetrical Marge Simpson looking back at me. Fortunately I didn’t lose my erection. How one smells, sounds, their vibe, their feel, their personality are all negated via the virtual space.
  • Via virtual game, control of the interaction is very much in the lizard’s hands since she’s just responding to messages sent. Being a female, even if she’s a 5 out of 10, she has received tons and tons of messages in her inbox and even if you’re a hell of a catch, you’ve more often than not just been relegated to a run of the mill guy. You are part of the numerous spam that her inbox has been flooded with and it’s hard for your marketing to stand out. Often, she has also compartmentalised you with all the other ‘creeps’ and even if she’s out to fcuk, she still has you placed at a slightly lower level than your true value. You’re much more at the mercy of her whims and emotions that you would be otherwise.
How many people are rushing anywhere for this pair?
  • In a saturated dating market, it’s harder to set oneself apart via this channel due to how narrow its options are. If you’re in a place where you’re a panda for example, being as rare as a black man in Serbia though, you level up a lot better via how you reach out online, be it Instagram, Tinder or Snapchat.
She’ll pander to your every need in the right place!


  • Let’s start with the CONS of the brick and mortar game (B&M game) The main thing is that brick and mortar game involves more legwork.
  • LACK OF DYNAMIC SCABILITY: The level of scalability isn’t the same; one can’t sift through numerous profiles and craft a generic message and you can’t teleport yourself to Budapest during your lunchbreak to see if the lizards there are gagging for a guy like you. You have to be up close and personal when doing these approaches (duh, lol) and there needs to be a baseline level of energy and enthusiasm involved to go up to each individual lizard, spark a conversation and pitch one’s game.
  • PACKAGING: I’m not saying that your energy has to be at cokehead, ecstasy levels but if you go over there monotone and half ass it, you’re probably going to have botched that opportunity. With that, it’s key to be interested yet aloof at the same time. It’s like how some of the media trained celebrities carry themselves, they engage with you well when you meet them in public. They, however, control the interaction; they don’t get caught up in your BS and know how to make you, the average Joe, feel as if they care exclusively about you. What actually happens is that they appear to do so for that specific moment but as soon as that interaction is done, you’re a forgotten moment to them. This is a natural mechanism that occurs out of repetition from doing something properly numerous times. It’s like walking, do you consciously think about each step you take and continue to think about each step you have taken? It would be pointless for the human mind to keep each moment at the forefront of its memory banks. For the guy doing B&M game, he doesn’t have the luxury of his online profile pictures frozen in time to bear the brunt of the initial interactions for him. His follow-up generic text messages aren’t there to set up dates for him either. His tone of voice, choice of words, body posture and overall physical presentation are all relevant at the point of interaction for the outcome.
  • PUBLIC HUMILIATION: There is more chance of public humiliation unless one is talking to the lizard in some isolated place which is an unrealistic scenario. Speaking to her in person is always going to subject you to some sort of an audience, anywhere from three (you, her and someone else) to maybe tens of people, depending on the venue. A nightclub or lounge could have numerous patrons and though one’s positioning and timing can reduce the glare of the spotlight, you’re still going to have some eyes on you. If she gives the guy the cold shoulder or even nicely just expresses a lack of interest, many lizards present may not be down for sloppy seconds (a guy dismissed by their peers). As per my 30 approach challenge (see other blog posts on our page), I think a fair portion of the rejections were to do with lack of public approval. Although being in person made my approaches customised and unique to myself, the fact that so many lizards could see me blitzing the venue and subsequently being rejected, would have negated my value in the eyes of the many onlookers. In such situations, only the lizards unconcerned with peer pressure and public approval would still go for me. In certain crowds, one rejection can automatically mean 10 rejections.
A nay from May is a nay from me (girls rule)

B&M PROS: Even though the scalability is far less, the man has much more control over their presentation than via virtual (online). All those intangibles that cannot be conveyed through social media come shining through in person. She can hear your voice in person, directly impacted by any pleasant peculiarities to your voice; i.e. tone of voice, cadence, accent, she can feel you (if you feel good) and physically assess how firm you are (I’ve had lizards squeeze my biceps on multiple occasions).You exist in full 3D and all elements of your game can glow. Passive game i.e. how you’re dressed, how you smell, how you sound regarding the cadence of your speech, the tone of your voice and any accents you may have as well as how you look and feel up close and personal all play their parts in unison. I have had lizards squeeze my biceps while talking to me or even before talking to me on multiple occasions. I even remember a lizard squeezing my cock while I was at her house explaining a love triangle snafu involving myself and her friend. As I stood in front of her talking, she suddenly reached between my legs to assess the apparatus, eyes flashing defiantly in curiosity. Perhaps she was seeing if she could transform the triangle into a quadrant.

Be careful what you wish for
  • Active game works in tandem with one’s passive game when in person, with all cylinders simultaneously blasting the same target. Active game refers to your choice of words (the verbal game), your deliberate posture (standing up straight and looking the lizard in the eyes as opposed to being curled up like a wilting flower with shifting nervous eyes that refuse to fix on another person’s) and body positioning (being reasonably close to the lizard instead of standing far away from her as if she’s some pariah). In some venues, you can stand even closer to the lizard, enough for your crotches to be practically rubbing. I recall at one art gallery showing where I was dancing with this lizard and I kept brushing the tips of her nipples ‘inadvertently’ with my forearms and elbows. When I upped the ante to ‘brush her punany’, she didn’t resist. Later on that evening, I slid in, going right up in that aunty.
I don’t go anywhere without my friends
  • The elements of passive and active game work in tandem, happening at the same time, like having a super team all out on the floor single-mindedly playing for the championship. The ability to customise and the fact that it’s harder to do automatically sets you apart and sets you up for greater success, percentage wise.
  • CATFISH EVASION: Being in control leaves you less susceptible to catfishing. There’s one thing to take a picture that compliments oneself but some lizards actually obscure a lot of things in their online profile that you may not want to take on in person. Such things include body odours i.e bad breath and/or a woofy kitty, high body fat and even race. I’m not here to critique your personal choices in a lizard but I imagine that if you were in the market for a car and the vendor presents you with a bicycle, you’ll be dismayed by the blatant lie. Although lying about race sounds crazy, especially when the individual is visually clearly identifiable with a particular race, I know one incident where a guy was talking to a lizard online who stated she was black (I think she may have used a fake picture whilst talking to him). As they started corresponding with each other online, the guy expressed how favourably he felt about being with black lizards, which thus stated how important the posted profile picture meant to him in initially engaging the lizard in conversation. When they finally set a date to meet at a mall, the guy was confused at the meeting to find out that she was clearly white and noticing his hesitance and discomfort, she guilted him by asking why race was important.
  • In person, catfishing in regards to physical appearance and even some personality traits would be harder for the perpetrator to hide. It’s for such a reason no company would hire someone based on their online resume and some email messages without actually having had an in person meeting prior to making a committed decision. Obviously these days with more positions being remote, one would have video and phone conversations since an in person meeting would be unreasonable. However, the purpose would remain the same, to weed out the oddballs and liars. In person, it’s harder to mask the lies and to catfish.
Make a difference!

Even though online dating is getting more popular and more normalised in society with more people almost exclusively feasting from the online space, we’re still humans and still respond to things we can feel and touch more. The best camera lens cannot capture and convey what one can perceive via a live experience. That being said, many men are 7s and 8s and will reap their deserved market value if they employ B&M game.

Although some men truly don’t care about the opinion of the lizard that has rejected them, the implausibility of a well put together male (an 8 or higher) being dismissed by a lizard that’s barely a 5 (and only gets attention cos she’s able to largely leverage her big suckable tits online) can be rather astonishing.

I know lizards that don’t like going to places that are teeming with talent such as Miami because the market value sets itself accordingly and those mediocre lizards immediately turn into Sue Richards (the Invisible woman). Guys who have actualised their worth both visually (hitting the gym religiously, wearing good clothes that accentuate their physiques and complimenting regular showers with good/wonderful smelling colognes) and levelled up financially (having access to a nice place, a nice set of wheels and formidable liquid assets) are spoilt for choice and don’t even see these ordinary lizards. I mean, if I’m at a fine restaurant with a large spread of great food to pick from, why am I going to look at the hastily made truck sandwiches randomly thrown down, often to the side? The same mediocre lizards who in person may even fight and plead for the privilege to lovingly lap at your taint while you browse Amazon Prime!

I’ve encountered lizards online who were full of yap, selection and judgement. Nothing transpired further beyond the vetting process (mostly on their part) since their expectations weren’t ones that I was able/willing to fulfill. At a later date, I happened to have noticed them at a venue. I never introduced myself to them, having recognised them from their online profile and noticed that they were invisible to the suitors on site. No men approached them (clearly not as many and with the same frequency as the numbers hitting them up online) and they didn’t even make any eye contact with anyone.

Can you see me?
  • If you combine the fact that people still remember in person experiences more than virtual ones and that because more people are moving to the online space (because it’s easier), you set yourself apart when you approach in person. Although I’m guilty of being lazy and idly thumbing through online profiles on dating sites/apps while trapped at work, I’ve never regretted an in person approach. I’ve even gone out on my own, having had no wings and still scored something although having my head on a swivel since I was completely on my Jack Jones (riding dolo). Sometimes I’ve actually not even been as prepared to close, the lizard having had been ready for penetration off the press due to all her correct buttons having been touched, even though I had deemed the interaction casual.


You’re not limited to where you can approach the lizard, it’s not just a social setting where you’re allowed to play ball. I’ve heard of many people taking a digital detox which involves taking some time offline away from social media but life goes on and they have to be out in the real world on a daily basis, whether they like it or not. If you rely exclusively on online game, you can only meet a lizard when she logs into those particular apps where she’s reachable. If she only goes online to use the work VPN to do some work or her library to submit college papers and assignments, you have no access to her.

You could meet a lizard in the most boring places, grocery store, library, takeaway spots, car registration renewal office, her clit doesn’t stop twitching just because it’s not a nightclub. I’ve heard of guys procuring cop lizards at traffic stops (although that would be a hard one for me to execute due to fear of repercussions if things went south).The net cast in person will be more narrow but it’s better due to being more customisable and gives one better bang for their buck. It eliminates the delusion one could get of working harder than they actually are. There’s a tendency for one to get swipe crazy and dupe themselves into thinking that they were ‘approaching’ and ‘vetting’ lizards for xyz hours.

You can do better, buddy
  • I like what someone told me before, that whenever you leave your house, you should dress as if you’re going to meet someone. You should basically polish and burnish your passive game so that it speaks for you even when you’re ‘off the clock’. I’m not saying that you should go and toss the trash in a full customised suit but you should be somewhat on point as if a lizard could meet you near the trash receptacle and say: “Hey, you live in this neighbourhood, right? You’re kind of cute. Listen, I’m visiting a girlfriend in the area but she and the other girls are boring the piss out of me. We’re going out later but I need a quick shot of cockmeat. Can you settle me with a fcuk right now before we split?”
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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