I’ve been looking for ages to try and find the African equivalent to Viagra. After much probing I finally found the African Viagra and it’s probably common to the Yoruba kingdom. The labelling on the bottles I got were in Yoruba and the person I got it from was getting his shipment from the Western part of Nigeria around Lagos (Yoruba kingdom).

Let me start by saying that your sexual performance as a man has a lot to do with your overall health, body fat percentage and how your heart is. As your health declines your willie wilts. Getting and/or keeping an erection is not as high priority for the human body as staying alive! The body would rather sustain your heart than give you an erection!

I know it’s a tight fit

Do what you can to the best of your ability to keep the these things manageable so that the following dietary and herbal suggestions function as they should be, which are supplements and not replacements. If they are going to be a replacement then you might as well strap on an battery powered dildo and let it maintain the turgency for you. A lot of it is to do with overall health; the healthier you are, the better you can perform. There are also certain muscle groups that contribute a lot when it comes to performing in that area as a man. The glutes, hamstrings and the core contribute to really digging out a lizard.

West Indian assistance: A Caribbean friend put me onto the tiger moss to begin with. The Jamaicans make a drink out of it and usually have a swig before going to work on a lizard. The moss originally comes in a dried seaweed form. It is then prepared by boiling it with its final state is slimy. For those with issues with texture, you can make a soup of it or blend it until it’s completely liquid and then add the liquid to a soup or a smoothie. Me, I like to take things in their natural state so that I’ve created no excuse for the purities to have been adulterated. It’s very high in zinc and contains good amounts of iron and magnesium. These are all important for male sexual performance.

The first time I tried the moss was when I was dealing with a blonde gym instructor. She had let me know after one of her classes that I attended that she was very strongly attracted to me.

Fancy doing something for some extra credits?

Not the one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I agreed to go to her place and began to sex her on a regular basis. I remember her riding me and commenting on how literally hot my body was.

“You’re like a furnace!” she exclaimed.

I would manoeuvre through her soft supple nubile flesh like a carnivorous wolf. I was hitting it from the back viciously one time, with the tiger moss in my system which had me as hard as a Sierra Leonean diamond and when I came, I felt it start from the base of my spine, my mind and body traversing parallel universes simultaneously as I spurted into this pretty damsel. After ejaculating, I was still hard in the condom so I started pumping her again which caused her to turn back in alarm. She asked me to pull out as I guess I could have ended up spilling seed from the rubber into her.

It didn’t go the way I planned but oh well!

Tiger Nuts (Aki Hausa):

Seemingly innocuous but quite potent

One can munch these as a snack prior to the lizard showing up (or even while she’s there). They are high in magnesium, Vitamin C, E and some other minerals that are useful in combination for priming the body to shoot a worthy load.

There was a lizard that I knew that was totally infatuated by the fact that I was British. She was practically gagging for the meat. She was anxious for the whang and had been persistent and industrious, getting my number from a mutual friend and had started messaging me. She pushed for an instadate (at my place!) and I had a bag of the Tiger Nuts ready. The beautiful thing about them is that they just look like ordinary snacks. Most people aren’t really okay with a man popping a sex pill before going to work (unless he’s about 60 years or older). I think that, particularly in the black community, a guy seen to be using artificial aids to boost his performance is perceived as weak and unhealthy. That being said, how he’s seen would depend on how he consumes these products. If it’s something that is seen as an overall health booster and/or a social lube such as alcohol for example, then that would be fine. For instance, some alcoholic beverages help men in the bedroom. I know many swear by Guiness Stout. I know some guys to drink certain West Indian beverages such as the Magnum or Baba Roots which is particular to Jamaica, if I recall correctly. These beverages are supposed to give the kick that’s needed for a man to complete the task that’s needed.

When the lizard was at my place in the living room watching a show on Netflix, I for once I was the one playing hard to get but she was pushed for time and pressed the issue, asking to see what my bedroom was like.

Why don’t you keep the blinds drawn like this?

I was obliged to give her that tour and peeled her clothes off as neatly and quickly as one would a tangerine, spreading her open on my king sized bed. I hit that chocha well, surprised at how quickly I got erect and stayed hard. I wouldn’t say I have erectile problems in general but sometimes casting the net widely with regards to snaring female game and/or having sex in questionable areas can bring in unwanted pressures which can cause the dick to subside. I don’t know about you but I’ve never been ready to square up with a raging boner in my trousers. It reminds me of having sex in a place once and not being sure if someone was going to climb through the window and pounce on me. I had been as nervous as a rat in a cattery. With these new forms of African Viagra I feel like it was like keeping a well oiled pistol by one’s side, I was ready to engage in combat at any given moment.

I flipped this sweet thang over and began to pound her from the back, her giving off soft gentle cries. I recall she had a voice very similar to Janice from Friends (Chandler’s girlfriend). For whatever it’s worth, it did nothing to kill my boner. She then broke up the sequence of meek squeaks and cries with the emittance of a much louder and unusual moan. She had cum and I knew I had done my due diligence.

She came and I conquered

Mudet and Gbabodie: For some reason this sounds like Mutley from ‘Catch the Pigeon’ and some entity from a Burnaboy universe teaming up! Gbese! A new and I’d say, the most potent African Viagra to date that I have happened upon is Mudet and Gbabodie (two separate things). They say the Mudet is the opener and the Gbabodie is the show stopper. I’ve sipped the Mudet as a little help at times. One can sip Mudet with alcohol or whatever and the same goes for Gbabodie. For me, these two are the best. You can’t get any better as per my experience and the reports of my other friends without getting something that gives you an involuntary erection and that’s not something I wrong. I’d prefer a hair trigger erection (which Mudet or Gbabodie provide) than to be permanently cocked and loaded for no reason

To me, knowing that you can go into the fray and really put the hurt on a lizard pleasurably is such a boost to one’s ego. What’s the point going to all these locales, pulling the finest females put on this earth to come up short on the delivery? For me, as an expat Limey operating on an international scene, I think such performances are essential and when I pass the baton, I want to ensure that I ran a fantastic leg so that the next man in line only need maintain the pace in order to bring it home.

Alright mate, you’re on the final leg now!