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How to use your Black body to get White Women Without saying a Word

Join us again in another podcast as we get granular and speak on one of the overlooked factors of game,…

Understanding what makes the white lizard tick – Final part

Stick with us as we continue with the truths about interracial dating. Do interracial couples skim over crucial issues in…

How to Bang Bad Babes in Barbados

Banging the Bajan Bam Bam

How to give her that porno sex with that black porno size!

In this show, we discuss methods for the black man to┬ástay on top in the bedroom situation in which you…

March Madness – how to win the dating playoffs (2017 edition) part 2

Join us in the 2nd part of this March Madness special as we dive back into the dating playoffs as…

Valentine’s Day Special Part 2 – helping young playas get 30 new lizards a year (part 2)

In this episode, we continue on from the first Valentine’s podcast with our special guest West Indian Archie, where we…

Tired of talk – no more spinning wheels

The tried and tested solution to optimising dating in 2016..

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